Cram school owners: seasoned vets or fresh fish?

Let’s try this again. I dont think i can get into so much controversy with THIS question to OWNERS of cram schools.

In your experience, who works out better, in general, foreign teachers who’ve been in country for a while (and is there a cut off point?) or just grabbing someone from the airport, blinfolding their eyes and schleping them to the “best” part of Taiwan, which happens to be right next to your school?

I’d say fresh off the boat types, because at least you’ll be able to have them in your school, at least for a little while. Longtimers would know better to even bother coming. Of course, both ways you’re screwed. Who wants to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of whiny newbies? :help:

I prefer folks who are new to Taiwan. I get to train them myself and they ain’t tainted by working at shitty schools.

I am not a big fan of shitty school either

uhm is 20 minutes from taipei technically “the middle of nowhere?”

thanks for the responses