Cranberry Juice

[strike]Hello. Does anybody know where I can get some food coloring? I looked at the local grocery stores around my neighborhood and found nothing.[/strike] [color=#008040]Mod note: the thread on food coloring is over here. [/color]

I also need to some 100% cranberry juice. The stuff at my local store is only 27 percent.

Thank you.

Any of the DIY baking stores mentioned in this thread will have the food coloring. As for the cranberry juice, I doubt that any juice you find here will be 100% but I may be found wrong. If I really needed some, I would buy the frozen cranberries at Costco and try boiling them. Problem is, you will probably have to add a bit of water or use a water bath to keep them from burning them.

They got cranberry juice in Costco, but I have no idea what the mix is. Also check Jason’s, CitySuper etc. they have better brands sometimes than the local super markets. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of 100% cranberry juice though.

Excellent. Thank you. I’ll try Jason’s tomorrow morning. I saw something at a health store downstairs from my place that had 100% organic cranberry juice but they were selling it for 390NT a bottle which is ridiculous. Anyway, thanks a bunch!

Welcome to Taiwan, that’s how it goes here, anything the least bit unusual or “exotic” is charged at 100-1000% markup.
Take tinned tomatoes for one, saw Lidl (cheap European brand) tomatoes here, they cost 12 pence in the UK, which is less than NT$6, on sale here for NT$110 a tin…
So your juice will be priced similarly, it’s just a matter if you’re willing to pay it or not, or go to another shop for a different brand of the same stuff, or at least something similar enough.

Cranberry juice can be purchased at Carrefore and they at least used to have food colouring at City Super but I haven’t checked since they refurbished the one in ‘The Mall’.

Except that isn’t 100% pure juice, is it now? It’s a juice blend like 90% of all Cranberry juice… that’s the OP’s problem, he wants 100% juice…

Found cranberry Juice concentrate at the DIY baking store near #4 park in Jonghe. Do a search for DIY baking and youll find directions. Small bottle in the flavoring section. I think it was 130NT. Now just add the water back to get to where you want to be. Of course, they also had a very wide variety of colorings and flavorings.

The stuff in Costco is blended, but you’ll get 3-4x as much there for about the same money :smiley:

The Banqiao Jason’s has what looks like 100% cranberry juice. But it’s organic, which means expensive: NT$670 or so for a fairly large bottle.

I found 100 percent cranberry juice at KUMA for 89NT. I think it might be a South African brand. Diose or something… Don’t want to walk five feet to the refrigerator and check.

I found the food coloring at a DIY store next to the blockbuster on ZhuangJing rd. I’ve never been there before even though it’s just a block away. They had a lot of good stuff there like cheese and chocolate. Also ingredients for making your own bread which I think we’ll try doing soon.

Thanks for all the replies!

Care to add the locations to my FindIT map that I’m trying to do?
Also, what is KUMA?
And I can almost bet you that it’s not 100% cranberry juice, not for that price, although I’m sure it’s 100% juice, just not all cranberry.

Sorry, I don’t have a google account but that’s a pretty cool website! Nice work.

You’re right about the juice. It says it has some grapes mixed in with it as well. It tastes really good.

KUMA is just a grocery store. They have a few around town. It’s like a Welcome but it has a few western items that you wouldn’t find at a Welcome. It’s also a little more expensive than Welcome I think.

The South African Brand CERES has always done juices real nicely. But if you look at the ingredients it always is blended with de-natured apple or grape juice. So it is 100pct fruit juice , but not 100pct of the type on the box . LIke passionfruit will also be blended with the de-natured apple or grape juice to have some passionfruit juice in it as well as still be 100pct JUICE (apple or grape).

Many fruit juices arent good to drink 100pct anyway, like passionfruit. Extremely sour if you drink it straight. Good for cakes maybe but not to drink.

Cranberry juice has certain health benefits but all I can find is watered down ocean spray grape-cranberry nonsense.

Has anyone been able to find 100% cranberry juice? It’s expensive in the states so I assume it’ll be expensive here, too.