Crap cell reception inside

I’m using Taiwan Mobile, and I just found that inside my new place the cell reception is terrible. I will have internet installed tomorrow so that’s going to be less of a problem but it could be a problem if I miss important calls…

What can I do to boost cell signal inside?

I heard there are cell signal repeaters out there but I also read it’s illegal to use them in Taiwan.


Make calls over Wi-Fi - Phone app Help - Google Support

](Make calls over Wi-Fi - Phone app Help)

Option 1: Use a mobile carrier’s Wi-Fi calling

  1. Open the Phone app .
  2. Tap More. Settings.
  3. Tap Calls.
  4. Tap Wi-Fi calling. If you don’t see this option, it’s because your carrier doesn’t support this feature. You can use Wi-Fi calling without a service on some carriers.
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I plugged in a headphone and it did improve internet speed a bit, but I have to position the phone in weird ways to get good reception… And the other problem is if I leave a headphone in the phone when it rings I may not hear it…

I can’t find anything about wifi calls on my phone…

We once lived in a place with essentially no reception inside. Called the telco to complain, they sent someone out and confirmed. Then they installed a fixed line phone and redirected calls to our mobiles there - all for free.

That worked: we used fixed line internet and the phone redirection let us receive and make calls.


That place had internet so I would have expected for them to install a ‘Cell Phone Signal Booster’. It basically operates like a small cell tower and routes the calls through internet to the mobile carrier (some actually do work as extenders without rerouting the call through internet).

@Taiwan_Luthiers call your mobile operator and ask them if they support boosters. I can’t imagine why those would be illegal in Taiwan. Many countries have them as a backup solution to bad signal areas.

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Basically you have to call your mobile provider and they will install it. If you install them yourself, then it’s illegal. I think they will do it for free.


Was that in Taiwan?

Indeed it was. The Telco was CHT.


So I just got a call from Taiwan Mobile, and they said there are building obstructions causing poor signal, and that they will be making some adjustment. They said this will take a week or two but told me to see if signal improves.

But if you have cell signal issues be sure to call their customer service, as they will be able to fix the issue. What you can’t do is buy a repeater and use it on your own, as you have to be licensed to transmit those kind of signals, which is as bad as using ham radio without a license…


I went to Taiwan Mobile and enabled VoLTE which also enables Wifi calling. You have to wait a bit for it to get in the system, you’ll get a text. You will need to restart your phone as well.

Once this is enabled you will see a HD on the call screen. You can also make and receive calls whenever you have wifi connection… It’s a solution if you have crap cell service in your home or somewhere with wifi but no cell reception (such as underground malls without a cell booster).

Unfortunately it costs 30nt extra per month, unless you have a contract that costs more than 1000nt per month or a 5G account. Then in that case it’s free.

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Take guitar, put phone on vibrating, put phone on guitar.

No no. Put phone in guitar for maximum volume!

Then I will hear some beautiful guitar music and not know it was a call…

I tried.

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I feel like sometimes solar panels are to blame. One of the schools I work at has solar panels all over the roof, the other doesn’t. I get much better reception in my second school.

Most buildings in Taiwan are a ‘Faraday’ cage concrete box.

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