“CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a freeware system optimisation tool.
That removes unused and temporary files from your system - allowing it to run faster,
more efficiently and giving you more hard disk space. The best part is that it’s fast!
(normally taking less that a second to run) and Free. :slight_smile:


This is a nice little program that seems to work well for me.
I run a pretty cleaner computer and after running this I notice
improved performance.

I tried that out the other day, along with a couple of other Windows tweaks (just settings changes, nothing drastic), and my internet connect started to shit itself. Don’t know if they’re related, but there’s a chance.

One minor inconvenience with CCleaner is that it clears the temporary links to the four most recently used files in Word so you have to find them ‘manually’ the first time you start Word after having used CCleaner. (Does that make sense!)

There are some alternatives to CCleaner at
There are plenty of other goodies to explore at this site as well.

tetsuo - I have not noticed any nterference like that. I seem to have a pretty stable situation here. I don’t know enough to do any tweaking, so that keeps me out of a lot of self-induced troubles.

Spack - I understand what you are referring to. For me this is of little/no consequence.

I tried a few other cleaners on Major Geeks (a great site) and Crap Cleaner seemed to be the most comprehensive. Its also small and quick. I use it when I do a nightly shut down.

Like I said…it works for me. Just thought I;d pass it along.

By the way, I recently dl’d AdAware SE (the latest version) and it does not work for me. I shut everything else down and run it, it gets to a “conditional scan” mode and just never gets any farther. I have let it run overnight - about 6 hours - and it never finishes its scan.
Any suggestions?

I have uninstalled, did a clean install several times and get the same results. Weird. AdAware has always worked well for me until this newest version.

I’ve been using the Crap Cleaner for about a year now on all my computers (including the office server), never had any problems, and all computers have been running faster since. I don’t seem to have the problem Spack has, whenever I open my word, I still have the links for the last few opened files. the only function I usually don’t use are the issue for the registry integrity. I’m scared I’d mess something up if I used these.

Other cleaning applications I use are:
Easy Cleaner (I used to mess up my Office with this, so be careful when deleting the “Unnecessary files”)
Wash and Go (or Purgatio Pro as it is called in German) - some of the functions it offers are not available anymore after expiration of the trial period, e.g. the registry cleaner. Thus, I also use
RegCleaner for deleting registry entries of software I’ve uninstalled for sure and for organising my start-up menu.

Iris (typing very slowly :s )

Ad-Aware SE works great for me. Could there be something else on your system interfering with it? Are you downloading direct from the official lavasoft site?

Yes…from Lavasoft and from MajorGeeks tinking there may have been a DL problem.

The prog has always worked well for me in the past also.

I currently have uninstalled it and am using Webroot Spy Sweeper and their 30 day free trial. After 30 day trial it keeps working, but the definition updates stop. I just use another email addy to start again.

But I would like to get AdAware SE working.