Craving for Chai

Ok, I know Barista coffee used to sell Chai, but not really in my opinion, it was chai flavored coffee. Do they still sell it?

Is there anywhere in Taipei I can get a cup of Chai? This “cold front” has me craving it! BRR get out those gloves and mufflers winter’s a comin’ :unamused:

Saw some kind of powdered instant “chai” last time I was in Costco. Is that the kind of stuff you mean?

Anyway, its really easy to make it yourself. All you need is right here.

How widespread is this craving, I wonder. I could suggest to my girlfriend that she start offering chai at her cafe.

Kunming Restaurant has lovely chai, with milk, if that can be considered chai. But it’s deeeeeelicious and all you can drink.

Alien, Hum I may have to go there today for lunch… YUM!!!

Juba, Actually it was my boss’s fault she brought it up the other day… made me think about it, so there are at least 2 of us :slight_smile: