Crazy Coin Tricks

I’d be amazed if I could do this ONCE.

Holy guacamole! Did you see the dance video a few vids ater that one? I was gobsmacked, mesmerised, awestruck - the whole thesaurus! :astonished:

I can’t believe I just said that about a dance video! :help:

Yeah the Chinese Dance Troup video was pretty good.

Thanks for holding my hand on that one, Frost. :wink:

You gotta check out the “Vagina Biting Dog”…now thats comedy!

I like the video of the guy who shouts out the ending of Harry Potter 6 to the kids waiting outside to buy it at Barnes and Noble. Of course, I might have been a little pissed off, but since I have already read it (and wouldn’t be pathetic enough to wait outside the store 7 hours before it opened, dressed up as the characters), I can appreciate the humor.