Crazy Idea: buying precious metals in Taipei

I am planning to visit Taipei. I’d like to purchase a bunch of precious metal gifts for my nieces and nephews, because frankly, most gifts are worthless and I would rather give them something that’s not garbage.

So I figure gold and silver coins would work. (Probably silver would be more affordable than gold, considering that I have about ten nieces and nephews. I don’t actually know how many. A dozen, perhaps? Ten? Eleven?)

If I do this before Chinese New Year, prices might be slightly higher, since a lot of similarly-aged men will be buying similar Chinese New Year presents for similar relatives.

On the other hand, Chinese New Year in Taipei might be a tourist experience that would be worth the cost of a high-speed rail ticket.

Regardless of when I do it, does anyone know of a gold-and-silver shop anywhere in Taiwan? I assume Taipei would have the most, and apparently the Chinese word for such a shop is “in lo.” My Taiwanese friends have heard of such things, but they don’t patronize such stores, so they can’t recommend any.

So … has anyone purchased such things in Taiwan? Possibly a nice 1-ounce silver coin or something of the sort would be a decent gift.

I know that many travelers prefer jade markets, such as the ones shown in the webpages linked below, but I seriously want to give the kiddies something that’s a bit more reliable. I couldn’t tell real jade from fake jade if my life depended on it - with silver or gold at least I know the theory of chemical and metallurgical testing. … in-photos/

You can purchase gold and silver coins at Taiwan Bank, but I’m not sure if you must first open an account. Its worth popping in to ask though to find out as if you can then you should just be able to get them over the counter.
You can also ask at most jewellery stores, but they are more likely to be able to access bars and lumps easier than coins.

All jewelers have silver and gold coins. At this time of the year the coins will probably carry a tiger motif. You can also just buy little pendants. Maybe a gram or 2. I prefer giving gifts people can use especially kids or young people. If they have to give the coin to their parents for safeguarding, then that’s that but of they can sport a little bling, then you become their fav. uncle :2cents:

The shop here is high end but has cute stuff.

If I want to buy in Taiwan few grands of gold for investment, where should I go? Taiwan bank?