Crazy Ivan: A Russia thread

We could say a Putin thread, but he’s like, really popular. So let them own him.

Moving nuke missiles closer to NATO countries…

Wasn’t there talk around 2010 about Russia joining NATO? Went nowhere. Also some nonsense about a reset that also went nowhere.

So-called smart diplomacy failed utterly. Let’s hope the new guy’s approach gets better results. He seems willing to place blame where it belongs on other matters.


In summary, Putin’s the proximate cause of all the trouble but he’s got a lot of enablers.

how dare youuu???
dont you know who is Putin…?

Sane, although certain types would call it unhinged:

Woulda made sense to destroy them before now, though.

Unhinged, or maybe tit-for-tat after that election rigging talk:

He told them to knock it off and they just ignored him. That happens a lot with this guy.

@rowland I don’t see a point of posting articles with click bait titles.

Journalism is on a very low since only page views count and nobody actually writes anything of substance.

There is a very long history with NATO and Russia. Some of it led to current situation in Ukraine. I am very sorry for the Ukrainian people being victims of a proxy conflict between NATO and Russia.

Recently there was an interesting interview with Noam Chomsky. He also talked about Nato, Russia and Ukraine.

I guess Putin isn’t a Trump fan anymore?

Yeah, totally in Putin’s pocket.

Uh, the revolutions were about resources.

Hermit Kingdom 2:

Ordinarily, strategies don’t make assertions. Do they proofread over there at fizz org?