Crazy obsession over a tabby?

6 years ago, my ex gave me a tabby cat name Lucky. During the years in the states he was like my only close friend who was there with me thru the bad and good time. When he was 3 years old I found out he has a feline lower urinary tract disease condition and needs to be on a strict diet all time.
When I had to leave the states last year, I made a painful decision to leave him in the states with my boyfriend. So he could still have his green lawn and big space to run around and most importantly, for his medical consideration.
But I would never know at that time to leave him there was a huge mistake. After couple month Lucky was there, my boyfriend had to go to a business trip for 10 days.
Before the trip, he was worried about Lucky so he asked his sister in law to take care of him but she had to go to Pennsylvania at that time so she took Lucky with her to Pennsylvania with her. (They were in process of moving at that time as well.) At the end of my boyfriend

its not psychotic at all! Good luck!

Go get lucky, he needs a home right. He is your cat. You need to talk to the right person. The people answering the phone don’t make decisions. Try not to lose your cool with these people. I can imagine your frustration. This will be a great story if you can be reuntited with Lucky. Furthermore this place must have regular a regular facility where you can go and adopt anytime. Find out where and get down their.

The place where the Lucky-look-alike at is an all-volunteer run non-profit cat rescue organization.
On the webpage says "he stays over at his foster mom’s during the week and come up to PetsMart on Sunday’s to look for a new human. "
At first we both tho he was in Pa and now this agent is in Ca… :s To a point I asked my boyfriend to seek for a pet psychic, but we gave up because they charge insanely high price :loco:
Evevn tho I am not a mom, but lately I felt like a mom whos got her kid kidnapped.
Me and my boyfriend would cry everytime we talk about Lucky. :frowning: :frowning: