Creating Forms

I would like to create my own forms. I have been using some ones online that I have to pay for, but I want to create my own so I can do exactely whatever I want. Put as many fields as I want, be able to add text able the field box, etc. I need full flexibilty including making fields required, etc. Does anyone know what software I can use and where to get it? Or is there somewhere I can just copy the code and change it as I need?


Do you mean online forms or just forms you can make with Excel?

Online forms.



send form

I need a user to fill out a form so that it gets sent back to me.


I would suggest using web page building programs like ultradev 4 or the new version of ultradev -dreamweaver MX.

You can connect to a database that you have forumosa on or use another one for a different website. They macromedia products have excellent tutorials built in.

ps the database can be as I can remember…access,sqlserver… but for others you might have to check up on it.

The programs are great! You can rearrange the forms anyway you want.

Sounds like you need an HTML primer. I like O’Reilly’s HTML: The Definitive Guide. You can pick up a copy at Tenlong Books on 107 Chongqing S. Rd. Section. The website is

Angelfire on the Lycos network as a link in the webpage building section to a site that will supply the form for you for free. You fill out the parameters that you want and send them a link for your website and they copy the basic design colors of your site so there for will match your site. When someone sends the form it gets sent straight to your mail box.
Here is a site that has a contact form that I did using this service. I didn’t spend enough time doing it so it doesn’t look that great. You can look at “get gear” to see how to do a better job. I works though. Perhaps with a little more time I may finish the site one day.

Yes Boss I know about this service, but I have my own domain and I do not want to use outside services for forms, that was my whole point from the very beginning.


There are a few products that come to mind:

RoboForm -
FormSite -
WebForms -

Hope they are along the lines of what you’re looking for.


There’s an easy/crude way or an slight more difficult/elegant way.

Easy/crude: Email form. Look up a HTML reference on how to do it. It’ll give you messy output to your email and requires that the person submitting the form has email set up correctly on their browser

Other: Perl submission form (suddenly can’t remember what the popular one is called). Requires that you can run perl on your server and that you’re relatively familiar w/ some programming language, so that you can edit the form.

These methods only allow the form to email you. If you want it inserted into a database, the perl thing will allow you or commercial apps.

Thank you dragon88, I haven’t had much of a chance to look at the three websites you sent me but from the scanning I did quickly they look pretty good! Thank you!

answerer - I know the easy/crude way of doing this, and I don’t like. I am basically looking for a form that people fill out on my site and they it submits all the data back to me nice and neat. Some require CGI and some Perl. If you know of a good place I can copy the script for a form I would much apprecaite it.

In the mean time I am going to look at dragon88’s recommended sites.

Thanks to all!

Ah hah! Found it. This is supposedly the most popular on the 'net.

Please don’t use these scripts. Much of the code is insecure. See for the reasons and for replacements.

If you just want to do some simple web page forms, cosider using php instead of PERL. PHP is meant for the web while PERL is more for parsing though documents. PHP runs faster than PERL/CGI. I spent years building large database driven dynamic web site with PERL but I use PHP for my personal projects because it’s a lot easier to learn and use. PHP has some drawbacks compared to PERL but as a lite user, you won’t encounter the problems.


Use formmail.php which drops right in and replaces Matt’s Perl script (the super-popular one). Aformmail.php is another candidate with good error-handling. I prefer the former as the recipient is hidden in the script, rather than out there on the form for the spiders to see. Seems quite robust too. Get the script and some support at:

There’s a variant floating around which does file attachments to email via MIME. Let me know if you need that.