Credit Card Annual Fees

I was thinking about an HSBC credit card, but then I discovered they still have annual fees…

Is $1200 pa for Classic
and $2400pa for Gold…

Do you think it’s worth it?
HOw much do you pay in annual fees?


My Taihsin bank does charge a dime, BTW.

Most cards have annual fees, but the fees are usually cancelled out or absorbed as long as you use the card consistently every month. Don’t know about HSBC, but assume they would do the same. Ask again, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck,

Citibank Gold, no annual fees, ChinaTrust Gold no annual fees, First Bank Gold no annual fees.

I think a lot of cards have something like no annual fee as long as you use it a certain number of times each year, or use it to charge a certain dollar amount each year. I know that Taishin and Union Bank are that way.