Credit Card Success Stories - Share Your Timeline & Application Details

How come the “3 months between applications” rule doesn’t apply to you? Even in chinese I see locals claiming online that you should wait for 3 months so that the last credit check falls off your credit report.

no idea haha. now consolidating period for me. No more application for a long while and cancelled many cards.

Maybe because you have a year or more of good credit history, I just barely started. Thought I’d try my luck with less than 3 months between applications… got rejected :face_with_spiral_eyes:

barely a year in TW, in HK yes.

I think I indeed managed to do that, it is now (I guess after brexit, who knows…), however I am still shown as Avis preferred and not President as said on amex website.

Do you have any insight on this? With Hertz I was shown immediately as gold.

Is there a code somewhere you need to enter? That maybe rings a bell I had to enter a code to bump from preferred up to president. But really compared to the hotels the whole thing is a mess. In the end for Hertz I did a status match from Avis cause I was so annoyed.

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Will try to call the customer support of avis in thr UK… it is a royal mess indeed.

I believe they require your yearly income to be 1M TWD or more. You are not supposed to give them 1M…

exactly, that was my counterargument. I said: you application requirements ask only to show an income of more than 1M p.a. I have more than that, that’s it. If you want something else only because I am a foreigner, that’s discriminatory and I will report you as I already did (and won).

Called them, difficult to get past the automatic menu, but managed to get a customer assistance officer. Super efficient, gave me the right link which is Avis Preferred Partnership, just need to fill in the easy form and it should be updated within 5 working days.

Amex TW customer assistance was clueless… Their links don’t work!


The general rule I was told was, you can apply 3 cards in 3 months. More than that and they will reject and then you need to wait 3 months.

From personal experience this was true. I always applied for the one I really wanted first, then the other two for the ones I didn’t want as much. The worst was when you wasted an inquiry on a bank that was not foreigner friendly.

I applied two weeks ago for the Fubon Coscto Wholesale card using my corporate information. Documents supplied, showed my ID card to application staff, provided a photo that was it.

I did not really pay attention to what card I was applying for. We did not bother to apply for the top card as not really need that level and would have been required to show income.

Anyway I received my new card yesterday it is the Fubon Titanium Business card and they gave me a 250k limit. Has the easy card logo on the back. Hope I never get close to using that limit but it’s nice to have. Has my photo on the card as I supplied one when filling out the form. Coscto Member since 2013.
Card Expiry date shocker 05 2030 lol
Activate card using Fubon Phone app.


Also on the Fubon phone app, you can go to a section where you can borrow cash from the CC. Next to that section is another where you can increase or decrease your credit limit. Dang so 250K not enough increase it right away lol. Only thing is Fubon does not have an English phone app.

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Yeah good points I have not thought of. Wilderness living does have it’s advantages.

CT Bank got to love them 30k limit but I can get an NT$2 million loan from them.

I actually meant to say 36 months interest free. But you got the point.

  • Company: American Express
  • Card applied for: 美國運通信用金卡
  • Credit score/history before applying: Zero credit history
  • Date of application: May 20 2023
  • Date of follow up call: May 22 2023
  • Date of credit report check: May 20 2023
  • Date of approval: May 25 2023
  • Date of arrival: May 26 2023
  • Time from application to card received: 6 days
  • Guarantor required? No
  • Secured deposit required? No
  • Apply where? Online
  • Credit limit given: 80k

Supporting documents provided:

  • Scan of ARC (front and back)
  • Scan of passport
  • Scan of tax statement showing 2022 earnings
  • Three months of payslips (non stamped)
  • Scan of bank book front & showing three month salary payments
  • German brokerage statement showing investment savings

So I get a call from China Trust Bank. The lass is very polite and we only spoke in Chinese. She called about me wanting an increased credit limit for my China Airlines Business Co Op card.
I said a limit of NT$30k is hardly enough for an economy ticket let alone Business class and what about paying for my family members as well. Yes she admits that is too small for a business card. I told her your bank allows people to download a PDF for statements but I cannot upload one. Oh she says she will provide a special link that has my name on it for uploading PDF. Great news

OK one thing, the link is not publicly listed and it already has my name on it. I said I want to upload pdf files from my HSBC HK which uses same name. Great she says. I also said Fubon just gave me a 250k limit and I provided no documents apart from my ID card and company name. Oh she says scan that in too.