Credit card

Any cashback credit card I may apply without a guarantor? I am alone here, no friend.

My mother-in-law was talking about this yesterday - she had tried to help a foreign friend of hers apply for a credit card. The bank (Shanghai Bank, I believe) told her that if the friend had a term deposit of minimum $100,000NT (assets!), they could give her a card with a limit of 80% of her term deposit.

I have credit cards here, but all on the same account as my (Taiwanese) husband.
Also, I’ve never heard of people getting cash back on card purchases here. I don’t think it’s really a thing…

You’ll need to show your income but Citi and Union bank gave me one. Citi was relatively easy. Go to the Sinyi Branch.

I needed to emphasise to Union that i make at least twice the amount average Taiwanese make at my age and level. If they can get one. Why cant i?

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Got already bank account at Taishin, so they see my monthly income, yet it seems they don’t care

By the way, was looking for cashback card to remove foreign transaction fees in that way

In Taiwan, I’d consider you lucky if you can get one without a deposit or guarantor. I’d take whatever you can get if you need a credit card.

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To remove foreign transaction fees?
Sorry, I feel like I’m missing something. You’re in Taiwan. Making money in Taiwan. Spending money in Taiwan, and paying the hypothetical credit card with Taiwan dollars from your Taiwanese bank account (having one of these comes a step before getting a credit card, btw).
At what step does a foreign transaction take place?
Banks give a debit, or visa debit, card… I use my visa debit online and in person, and the money comes out of what is already in my bank account. Just like a regular debit card.

I’ve had union banks card for many years. They were the first companies to approve me 5 yrs ago no guarantor needed. The only thing that sucks is the card expires every arc renewal and you need to send in a copy of the new arc and they reissue it otherwise it gets cancelled if no arc.

China trust and citibank will also take foreign applications

I travel abroad too, and would like to use a credit card, cash not so safe to carry

Now I definitely agree with you Marco, a proposito dove abiti?

Thank you Dan

A big chunk of my credit card bill is foreign transactions: Amazon, iHerb, iTunes, various online subscriptions and services. Often more than 50% of my total bill.

I got a credit card from Cathay with 8 year validity, no guarantor required. Just walked into my local branch, showed them the information on their website saying foreigners can apply, and then filled out the forms. You need proof of income in the way of your bank book and usual ID.
Obviously speaking Chinese helps.

Specifically if you want a cashback card, I’ve heard this one from HSBC is the best at 2.2% on foreign transactions. However, despite being a huge global bank, they’re also apparently very wary about taking on foreigners, unless you have HSBC premier.

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I wanted to get that hsbc indeed, but if you read well the form, it says you need a guarantor… -_-

The English form does say that at the top, but Section 5 says only that they may request one.

Unless you try you’ll never know.

I just realized I may have been thinking of a different kind of cash back.
In Canada, you can request extra cash back on your purchases, where the cashier runs an extra $20 (or however much) on your card, and hands you a $20 bill from the cash register.
I haven’t seen that here.
Seeing more posts, I realize the cash back you guys are referring to is the money the credit card company pays you, based on how much you spend. Is that right?

This is what I assumed was meant. Last year I got a credit card with Cathay, no guarantor needed. I’m single with an APRC and a ten-year work record here so that may have helped.

The cash back I get is very minimal though. One month I charged NT38,000 and got a whopping NT114 cash back.

In the end applied Citi at Big City, no guarantor needed, will see if I receive it smoothly

When i got my citi card years ago I kept getting denied and they wouldn’t tell me why. I made a stink and found out after talking to the manager that they denied anyone who lived in Taiwan less than 5 years. The manager put it through for me

This has probably changed since then

Hope it goes through
If not pm me, there are ways of making recalcitrant banks play ball

I got a credit card that gives you China Airlines miles from Chinatrust, 160k limit, no guarantor required.
Also, lots of other perks like free parking at the airport and access to business class lounge. Annual fee is NT$1,800, but definitely worth it if you travel regularly.