Creeping Coup in Nico-Land

For all of the SandiNasty fans out there - Keep Hope Alive!
Your child molesting hero may be working on a come back via Chavez support.

[quote] Creeping coup

The Nicaraguan Embassy in Washington has sent out a warning: Marxist politician Daniel Ortega, who was ousted by voters 15 years ago, is on the verge of taking control in Managua.

The message says Mr. Ortega’s Sandinistas have joined forces with other political parties to control the legislature and the courts. It predicts a string of phony indictments against President Enrique Bolanos’ Cabinet members and then maybe charges against Mr. Bolanos himself.

Mr. Ortega is an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who in turn has formed close relations with Fidel Castro of Cuba. Mr. Chavez has reached out to the hard-line Islamic regime in Iran and supports the deadly insurgency in Iraq.

The embassy openly criticizes the Bush administration. It says intervention in Nicaragua’s affairs often “arrives late” to rectify the anti-democratic trend. The embassy’s message has an ominous title: “Nicaragua’s Creeping Coup.”

The message must have been heard at the State Department. Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick was in Managua this week meeting with factions and warning about the bad effects of a communist takeover in this hemisphere.[/quote]

This is the results of leaving a job unfinished because of political interference.
Keep this in mind. This is just developing, IMO.

Kinda makes you wonder why those oh so powerful and vicious graduates of the CIA and US Army’s School of the Americas haven’t turned Danny and his Communist buddies into finely ground hamburger, doesn’t it?

This is the results of leaving a job unfinished because of political interference.

Believe me…it was suggested…repeatedly.

For those of us in grade school when this happened, can you geezers tell us what the help you’re talking about? :wink:

A brief rundown if you would. :slight_smile:

Here’s a fairly neutral bio of Daniel Ortega. However, does not mention much about his heavy-handed (Stalinist) approach to leading the Sandinista party, who would certainly be much milder today if not for his behind the scenes manipulations.

Easy to see how he wins hearts and minds in an electoral campaign. ($). If he there was any truth to his idealism, or if he had any personal intergrity at all, then he would step down and let some more centrist politicians run for the Sandinista leadership. He seems to want confrontation with the US, in fact he seems obsessed with it.

He may well get his wish. … tion_Front

It is as brief as it gets.