Crest Teeth whitening strips

Do they sell Crest teeth whitening strips in Taiwan? Or other equivalent alternatives?

I’ve never seen them here. On my last trip to the US I brought back a box.

Maybe you could print out a page from the Crest website and show it to a dentist & see what s/he says.

Those things can’t be healthy!


Do they work?

No, but I have seen ones made by LG (Korea) at some of the stores here. Those kits are painful. I would have whitening done at the dentists–it isn’t too $$$ here compared to other countries, and they can give you powerful painkillers afterwards.

I want to say I have seen them at Costco, but the memory ain’t what it used to be. Might be worth a shot, tho’.

I believe that I have seen them there as well.

Is “swabplus” something similar? The organic store near me sells swabplus ezbrush and teethwhitening sets, and Cosmed has something similar, too.

I just colour mine in with chalk. (WARNING: Make sure you get the white stuff though. Red chalk does not equal clean teeth with strawberry flavour.)