Cricket World Cup

Kohli makes some strange decisions both in the field and at the crease. Sometimes, almost suspicious…

If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, well, I for one would be shocked. A cricketer from the subcontinent bearing influenced by big money gamblers? Yeah, nah…

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Nooooooo… Roy has gone . 4.84 an over needed …hmmm game on . suffering suckatash :yum:

Bowling was brilliant. The game is England’s to lose. I still think they’ll take it.

Are you watching on a livestream?

I dunno, mate. I’m not clever with internet shit. I’m just watching from the best sports streaming site.

Root :cold_sweat: Damn

Just saw Root go. Am I up to date?

Yes . 59-2 . 16.3 overs

I would say the momentum is with NZ now . England snatching defeat from the jaws of victory , again :yum: Entertaining cricket though . I quite like the white ball version :smirk:

He he . What can you say ? Super Over . Pretty good for cricket in general . One hell of a result . Is the @the_bear nervous yet ? :crazy_face:

As I said. 0.00% chance.

Seriously, really bad luck NZ. Fantastic performance.

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I doubt that we will ever have such a close match for a very long time . NZ probably deserved that , sorry Mr. Bear . I think matches like that are so good for cricket.

I couldn’t watch it on account of being in France at the moment. Anyway, I was grumbling away at my bad timing when a millennial relative of mine suggested setting up a ‘hot spot’ on her phone. I assumed she was banging on about a safe space and ignored her.

Anyway, before I could knock up a stiff g & t she’d 'hot spot’ed the Wimbledon men’s final onto her phone, somehow connected this to my lap top, and that had then somehow connected to the TV in the house we’re renting. OK, I didn’t get to see the cricket but I did watch one of the most thrilling Wimbledon finals ever.

Millennials rock!

England , Champions of the World . Just saying. :wink:


Turns out the Kiwis won that. The overthrow call was wrong. Should be 1+4, not 2+4 since the second run wasn’t completed when the incident occurred. Umpire didn’t know the rule.

Well done Kiwis, world champions.

Hmm , the rule sure is complicated . Personally , that match was a draw in many ways . 1966 Geoff Hurst . Someone has to make the call at the time …mistakes are made and they can be crucial , but it works both ways . I commiserate because today it feelsbadman. The drama of that match will be remembered for a long time and cricket has been shown to be one hell of a game … sometimes :smirk:

It used to be the side with the greater number of intact wickets at 50 overs won. Which is actually fairer than boundaries scored. Boundaries scored is meaningless.

I’m sure that the rules may be re-visited because of this match . I have no feeling that England deserved to win , nor do I believe going through details will help New Zealand . I have respect for them giving their all and creating a memorable game . As unjust as things are , dissecting rules after the fact just is not … errrrr… cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball:. I suspect everyone is very proud of the NZ team win or lose .