Crime in Taiwan

No,bullets are more expensive than guns. Well 5 bullets will cost you more than a gun. Depends which guns though. The Taurus 9mm is popular , then the Black Star 54 is cheaper and more available. Basically the guns that have the most available ammunition are the most common.

That’s basic business. Make the people crave the need and pay for the refill. More profitable to sell to (supply) mcdonalds than open one.

Following this sensational murder in Tainan, the police have reportedly arrested someone in K-Town. It’s unclear if this person was the gunman.


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Please check if he has a terminal illness, in debt with nefarious people, or other such life threatening afflictions to allow someone to pay for a fall guy. I’m always skeptical the truly guilty aren’t ever even known, nevermind investigated.

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Not much about this makes sense, lies after lies.