Crime in Taiwan

Rowdy foreigners lol

Damn. I thought that trembling was from all those earthquakes!


Catch someone trying to steal from your claw machine? Good idea to beat them up and get yourself arrested and sued rather than call the police. Happened by YiZhong in Taichung. Must be something valuable being stolen for the guy to care so much…it was one of those plastic flip out toy knives things that were popular with kids for a little while, albeit a much larger version of it.

Guy slapped her multiple times then walks away for a few seconds and comes back and starts kicking her then drags her by the hair out of the place.


Theft seems to be more serious than assault anyways. I mean maximum sentence of like 3 years for assault rather than 5 years for theft. So the girl’s probably going to be in more trouble.

Those claw machine is filled with taobao junk that costs like 30nt each, and people have to put in at least 200nt before there’s any realistic chance of actually catching.

I’ve seen people play those machines. The machine uses a RNG to decide if you actually “grabbed” the item. It means you grabbed the item, RNG says no, the machine actually lets go as soon as the claw hits the top. Seen it happen, a guy gets a really good grab and the machine just lets go as soon as it hits the top. Note the machine made a decision to let go when their internal RNG rolls in favor of the store (of course it always rolls in favor of the store). There’s a “guaranteed grab” written somewhere on the machine, meaning if you put in the money specified you are supposed to call the owner and they come and give you the item. The guaranteed grab can be anywhere from 700 to 900nt.

Reason those shops are everywhere is because it’s so extremely profitable for the owners.

It should be illegal.

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Taipei Police Rapid Transit Division caught a pair of brothers surnamed Tsai (蔡) who used damaged or defective NT$50 (US$1.50) coins at EasyCard machines in Taipei MRT stations.
The total value of the defective coins was more than NT$250,000. They had purchased the coins at a 30–40% discount from a recycling company involved in cross-strait business.


Yes, “cross-strait” business. That sounds exactly what these guys are up to. :neutral_face:


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On Saturday (May 11), the bodies of a 68-year-old woman surnamed Liu (劉), her 29-year-old daughter surnamed Chen (陳), and her 3-year-old grandson were found wrapped in blankets in an apartment in Jinan Street in New Taipei’s Sanchong District, reported Liberty Times. Police listed Chen’s husband, a 24-year-old man surnamed Chang (張), as the murder suspect and arrested him in an apartment on Shunping Road in Taichung.

A man has been arrested in Taichung, in central Taiwan, on suspicion of murdering his wife, 3-year-old stepson, and mother-in-law in New Taipei City.

I been here yearly and the only crimes I’ve have heard of and my relatives experienced was a family dog stolen and another one poisoned and found dead. But it’s not as worse as where I’m from which in Oahu Hawaii.

Jeezus! Where in the countryside did this happen?!? :grimacing:


That’s real common in the countryside.

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Damn that is rough!


Poisoning pets is common in the city too. Sick fucks are everywhere. Not just pets, but competition, especially gambling. Dog fighting, pigeon racing etc. Not only just the neighbours yappy mut got some rat poison thrown into their doorway.

Bite victims tend to also like to enact revenge.

Sometimes it’s the governemnt, perhaps the garbage men, are hired to do the job of mass roundup killings.

Emmmm …let’s not go overboard.

Yes that makes sense at what you are saying. Could have been the neighbors


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Cop seem to have a problem with stealing…

happened recently in my village and the surrounding areas. Lots of poisoned animals that died and some people had poison thrown into their homes. Some people lost very expensive dogs.

I lost around 15 cats. Luckily my dog didnt eat any crap. But she was really sad as her favourite cat died they would often play and sleep together.

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In my opinion, that’s them going overboard. But I get it if people think I’m being overboard calling the government’s animal cruelty criminal. Which I really do on an ethical level. I get it’s legal, they make the laws.

Sorry about your pets. That’s never fun. I’ve had friends in downtown taipei have this issue. Even loose bags thrown onto balconies. It’s a bit disturbing that this kind of psychopathy is still so common. I understand getting rid of dogs, and especially cats, that are free roaming. from an ecological perspective. But free throwing poison is not the logical route of limiting environmental damage :man_facepalming:

It seems to be a problem with people putting poisons out there and of course protected animals die from it too.

It’s a very serious issue. So much so there is an entire movement/brand formed around bean cultivation stating they don’t use rat poison to save the eagles (Pingtung, NPUST students started the movement if I remember correctly).

Overuse of many different poisons is a pretty big issue in Taiwan. Not sure why more people either don’t make the connection or try to defend the act when it comes to the food we eat ourselves and fee I ga to. It’s a weird disconntill don’t get.

Many pets (birds, cats, dogs even fish via contamination), wildlife etc are killed from this rampant overuse. Never mind the potential health risks long term via small quantity ingestion by larger species (ie. Human species).