Criminal background check?

I think you mean ARC.

They’re saying “good conduct” because that’s what the new law says, without explanation. They wouldn’t know the details either, so hopefully the WDA will have an answer soon.

The Supplementary Education Act applies to most buxibans, whether or not the students are adults.

Iirc it says the certificate should be issued within the last three months, so if it takes a few months to get it certified, then… :doh: :wall:

I can get the background check quickly. But I don’t know if Taiwan will require it to be certified by our sec of state in DC. (Some countries require that or the apostille). I have no idea what to do. Do I come with an uncertified FBI background check and hope for the best?

I meant “ARC”.

What buxibans would be exempt?

If you’re teaching business English to adults, you will need it?

The new rule has not be clarified enough to know for sure what is going on. If it’s a simple background check, it won’t be too much of a hassle. But if it’s an FBI fingerprinting one - and you have to do it overseas - it will take a at least two months, or close it it. That would be a real headache.

Hope to get more clarity on this.

I wouldn’t get that worked up just yet.

As I said before, I can’t see Taiwanese schools requiring anything that stringent (FBI check with fingerprints) to fill urgent positions in EFL. FBI w/fingerprints could take a few months if overseas.

It has always been the case that school can require a good conduct certificate (not sure it would be an FBI one, though, for Americans).

Well I suppose my concern is less about getting a job and more about getting a permit/ARC

The trouble is, the government requires it, no matter what the schools think.

The majority of buxibans are your typical 短期補習班’s, whether academic or non-academic, daytime or evening, and the age of the students is irrelevant (as long as they’re not pre-primary, in which case there may be a conflict with the Early Childhood Education & Care Act). I just mention that there could be exceptions because local rules (set by each city/county’s education department) may allow NGO’s to run buxiban-like operations that are not subject to the Supplementary Education Act, and the Act has separate rules for 國民補習教育 and 進修教育, but foreigners wouldn’t normally work in such institutions, afaik.

I would say read the SEA for more information, but the official translation isn’t very well written, and the local regulations afaik haven’t been translated at all.

Okay. So luckily (after reading on reddit from countless people saying that livescan fingerprints would work for the background check) I was very persistent with the person here at their office in Chicago and she wound up calling someone else from their FBI channeler’s office who said I should be okay in getting it authorized in time. I was able to pay an extra fee to get the process expedited.

So here’s to hoping i get the background check (and authorized) in the next 3 weeks. What a headache. But hey, I feel like at this point its probably smart to do instead of heading over only to be denied from some new law that’s just been put in place.

And if they require more than FBI check (authorized) then I’m thinking that would be insane.

“More than an FBI check”? An FBI check is as strict a check as you can get. Anyway, calm down. This isn’t anything to freak out about, especially if you don’t even have a record. And why would you need an FBI check anyway? I haven’t read all the replies in this thread, but (a) I think that “wolf teacher” legislation will just require a local police check (which takes like 1 week), and (b) if your individual school asks you for one then they should understand this isn’t like ordering a pizza. So if they know it takes months they should allow you that time. If not, then maybe that signals future problems with that employer and maybe you should try a finding a different school.

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We have very little information on what this really means, other than there has been some sort of rule change regarding a “good conduct certification” for an ARC issuance. What that is exactly, and who will end up needing it exactly, is in the air. Nothing is clear. I would not panic. Taiwan has thousands of EFL positions that are filled quickly by foreigners arriving in the country on a tourist visa. I can’t see typical schools waiting months until their hirees can work.

how long does an FBI check take?

It took me a few week

Give yourself about a month leeway for all the mistakes you’ll make with the paperwork. You need to coordinate with the Taiwanese consulate in your country.

Standard FBI check can take months but luckily I found a channeler (for more $$) that can get it done in a couple weeks apparently

Make sure it’s oked by Taiwanese embassy

What do you mean coordinate with the consulate?

Is it only for buxiban/language schools for minors? Or does it apply to teachers teaching adults/university students?

Are other professions left out? Or is it requirement for all ARC issuances?

Good question, I’ll ask MOE.

After the FBI check is issued, it has to be sent to the nearest TECO for authentication.

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The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), the de facto Taiwan embassy in your country.