Criminal background check?


I don’t think it makes too much sense if this applies to teaching adults/other professions.

I think what was posted above makes it just for buxibans.


Assuming it’s the same procedure as when you’re getting a foreign record check for other purposes, do you need to have the translation certified as well?


As I recall, that used to be the case. But it seems excessively bureaucratic, even for the ROC gov’t. I mean, if it’s already been authenticated by TECO, why would it need to be translated at all? Maybe I’m being too logical though. We’re all waiting (eternally) for clarification.


Very bureaucratically burdensome, considering the ROC’s typical protocol (medical test is super simple). There is more to the story than meets the eye. I would imagine there will be many exemptions. That said, something has indeed changed but it might not be such a big deal after all.

However, FBI checks are usual business for work visas in South Korea.

Japan’s work visa is super simple (no medical test needed, either). But you have to leave the country to get a visa (then come back). Just go to SK.


I used to work in Korea and I remember when the rules changed in 2012 or so, and I had to file for an FBI check. It was super annoying and it takes a good 3 months. Expensive too. Plus they required the usual medical check for drugs, HIV and TB. The anti-foreigner vitriol in the media is much worse than Taiwan’s.

Is Taiwan heading in that direction? Maybe. But I don’t think before OP arrives here for a job.


Well I should be getting my FBI background check tomorrow. And then I send it off to TECO to get authenticated. What exactly should I be asking for? What does ‘getting a translation certified’ mean? I should translate it in Chinese? Do I ask TECO to provide that? A translated copy… of the FBI check?

I’d like to cover all my bases so I’m not sure what to request of them. As of now I’ll just be requesting the FBI check authenticated. But the ‘translation’ thing is throwing me another loop and I’m not sure what that is/means.


And I’m assuming the medical test being referred to is the test I get done once I’m already in Taiwan, yes?


[quote=“Dr_Milker, post:47, topic:161098, full:true”]
I mean, if it’s already been authenticated by TECO, why would it need to be translated at all? [/quote]

Because the TECO only authenticates the signature/stamp, or something.

For a birth or death certificate, you need to get the translation certified by a notary public in Taiwan.


So then if I need a translation certified I would wait on that until I arrive in Taiwan?


You can ask the TECO if they offer that service. Then again you might not even need a translation. :idunno:


Sounds good. Thanks :slight_smile:


Get your FBI check done through an agency, takes 1-2 weeks. The authentication of it by the Taiwanese consulate office will take a while.


We at Taiwan News have contacted the MOE and MOL for more information on this regulation, but neither could make an official comment to the press about the main questions forum members have posed about the background check until a meeting is held between the two agencies in a few days to iron out the details. We will provide this information as soon as they give us the green light.


good job Taiwan News


So I just got my FBI background check and now I’m in the process of sending it off (through US authentication services) to get it authorized by Taiwan embassy.
I mentioned TECO and they said they don’t send documents there (maybe diplomas?) But instead send them to the embassy to get authorized. Then I should get it back.
I also mentioned getting a translation but they said they don’t do that and that I should just worry about that once I’m in Taiwan (if I need it).
Hoping this all works out…
Also just though of something. . It’s my understanding that when I land I don’t tell immigration that I’ll be looking for work but instead that I’m just here to sight-see.
Would me sending documents to their embassy here in the states raise any suspicions once I land/go through immigration?


Here’s what I don’t get: A lot of teachers convert to ARC after arrival in the ROC. This is common practice. This could really disrupt the industry as we know it, as it could take a few months to get a background check after arriving on a tourist visa. Expect long delays before one can work. Many buxibans will be scrambling to get teachers. In other countries, like Japan, you cannot do this. You have to leave the country and come back to get your visa (But Japan’s work visa process, otherwise, is very simple).


Application form for Taiwan embassy authentication form is also asking the reason for request of authentication. . I’m wondering if putting down something related to teaching english/fulfilling a possible background check requirement would raise a red flag for immigration when I land in a few weeks.


Oh yes. Huge red flags. Once you land, undercover agents from the MoE will quarantine and interrogate you Jack Bauer style in a windowless cell to make sure you’re not a secret “wolf teacher.” If your answers fail to satisfy them, they will parade you in front of the media as a big catch Bali Nine style. And then off to the Gulag with you!

Oh wait, I mean no.


Well the reason I was wondering is because they’re having me photo copy my passport to their embassy. And I don’t know how this works. If they have everyone’s info in some sort of ‘system?’ I didn’t want to get there and tell them I’m here for tourism, them look up my passport #, and see I contacted their embassy for an authentication to teach English there. Idk how much they look up or what shows up there…


Believe me, they won’t care. You worry and overthink about this stuff way too much.