Criminal background check?


Any more developments, or “elucidations”? LOL.


Has anyone tried to use an FBI channeler from Taiwan? I’ve already gotten several copies of my fingerprints taken at the immigration agencies in Taipei and Banqiao, but the FBI approved channelers I’ve looked into all want me to appear in-person somewhere in the states. I’m looking for a channeler that I can just mail my information and fingerprints to since I’m already in Taiwan. I don’t want to submit my request directly to the FBI and end up waiting 3 months or more just for a piece of paper that says I have a clean record, so any advice on how to expedite this from inside Taiwan would be appreciated.


I’ve been wondering the same all along.

By the way, did you have the livescan prints done? Or the standard fingerprinting procedure?

Best of luck!


Here’s a link to authorized channelers in the US.

I just started the process and am going with National Credit Reporting. Here’s the thing about them - the only way they’ll process is if your just wanting to check your personal history. NOT for employment purposes, though that option is on their application form. I highly encourage you to READ ALL the instructions, including their FAQ page (which is where I found this critical piece of info.)

I had regular old fingerprints (2 copies) done at the NIA office in New Taipei. Everything went out by airmail to Nat. Credit Reporting in CA. on Fri. 7/21. If all goes as hoped, I should have my report delivered to my US address by FedX around the first week of August.

Fingers crossed!!!


Does anyone know yet if the background check needs to be authenticated back in the states? I have my background check (from a channeler) but its not authenticated by the secretary of state/TECO office in D.C. Wondering if that will be needed…


Prospective foreign teachers at cram schools can now fill out an affidavit instead of providing the background check if they recently applied for a job at a crime school in the past few weeks since the new requirement went into effect.


Little freudian slip there?


They’re still saying the record check regulations will be revealed (at least in draft form) before the end of August, so it certainly makes sense if they accept affidavits for now.

Has anyone here been through the process since the amendment came into effect?


More like Freudian autocorrect. :slightly_smiling_face:


I meant for authentication. Not the check itself.


Was it necessary to get the translation and certificate of authentication? Is it OK if I just have the original document?


@josiew You’ll need the translation, they didn’t care about my CoA.


So I’m switching my normal ARC to an APRC and so I gotta do this shit too. Where would I get a set of fingerprints? I heard local police station, but being a foreigner popping into the Taiwanese po-po building seems a bit awkward.


Yes you will need one. I just came to Taiwan and I had to provide one. Taiwan recently changed its laws on ESL teachers to provide national background checks. In order to get a work permit or an ARC there must not be any criminal convictions on record.


Are you able to get the translation here in Taiwan?


We just sent our background checks to get them authenticated, most likely we won’t arrive in Taiwan with them and will have to get them shipped over. Did you have your original documents as well as the authenticated copy?

Is it possible to get the translation in Taiwan or do we need to get that done in the US?


I had my translation done at the Taiwan embassy in DC, I’m fortunate enough to have family nearby there. I believe they told me it was about $20 USD for that. In another topic (uncited, sorry, I’d prefer not to look for it again) several people mentioned places that can translate your documents here in Taiwan though. My memory is just slightly better than a squirrel but I vaguely recall having two background checks on hand.

I went through a channeler, so the “original” was exactly the same as what I could print online (an official online copy sent via email by them). The biggest thing the NIA looked for was an official FBI seal/logo. Hope that helps.



If I’m reading this thread correctly after I get my background check through an FBI approved channeler, I don’t need to get it authenticated by the department of state but only a translation? Did it get accepted?


To work at a cram school, yes.


If you’re in Taiwan, how long will it take to get a background check from the FBI through a back channeler (once you get fingerprinted)?

Can you do livescan fingerprinting in Taipei as that speeds up things tremendously?.

Then you have to get it translated… That should not take too long, no?

It is just a little pain in the neck but no big deal really.