Criminal background check?


Any new developments on this issue?


Do we know if US citizens need to get theirs authenticated? I read from a news article here that said US was exempt for that but now Ive heard otherwise. Anyone have any success without getting it authenticated?


I think you are right.

Though I cannot find English version,
勞動發管字第 1040508120 號令 says documents from 26 countries should be authenticated. So, documents from other countries do not need to be authenticated.

You will find the Chinese version and related laws here.勞動發管&N2=1040508120&cnt=1&now=1&lnabndn=1&recordno=1

FYI, the law requiring a certificate of good conduct is “Supplementary Education Act”


It would make sense, but we’re still in the dark about this.

The WDA allegedly told a certain website that verification would not be required for documents issued by countries other than those on the naughty list in that 2015 administrative order (which refers to the the documents listed in Art. 7 Par. 1 and 2 of the Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers). Then the WDA said the MOE would set the rules, and we’re still waiting.

Of those two paragraphs, the key would be this subparagraph:

  1. Other documents as may be required by the Central Competent Authority.

In that context, “Central Competent Authority” means the Ministry of Labor or the city/county government (not specifically any department thereof). All I can say with certainty is, stay tuned.


Update! :happyrunningaround:

Unofficial summary: although the record check must be within the past 3 months according to the Supplementary Education Act, it’s 6 months for foreigners, and foreigners who have had (buxiban) work permits in the past are exempt.

Unofficial summary: in principle, only documents from the 25 countries on the naughty list are subject to compulsory authentication. (The implication seems to be that the authenticity of a non-authenticated document can be challenged like anything else, in the event of an investigation, but not in the normal course of applying for a work permit.)


This is a bit odd, considering demographic trends.

If by tutors they mean private (non-buxiban) tutors, that of course means no background check is required unless the client or (non-buxiban) agency wants it, but most foreigners are locked out of this market.



Most foreigners cannot legally be a private tutor, unless formally hired as a foreigner.

Higher demand and stricter regulations.


Any new developments in this area?


Hey, this is for anyone who ended up in a similar situation as I did: Landed in Taiwan without knowledge of the new background check requirement. At first, I went to the National Immigration Agency in Taipei to get my fingerprints taken. Maybe I happened to go on the wrong day, but I was met with an old woman who did my first thumb print for me and then handed me her old-school roller and ink for me to take the rest of my fingerprints myself! Obviously, that wasn’t going to work, so I went to the NIA branch in Banqiao to get my fingerprints taken. Make sure to print out the correct FBI forms for your fingerprints! The first channeler listed on the FBI’s website, Accurate Biometrics, also appears to be the only one out of the few that I checked who would email me a copy of my background check in addition to mailing me a hard copy to my permanent address in the states (just in case). That service cost me $60USD. So, I filled out my application form, and mailed it with my three sets of fingerprints. The tracking showed the company received my documents last night and I just woke up to an email containing my FBI background check! It took them less than 24 hours to get back to me after getting my documents. I’ve read other posts in this thread about people who’ve gone through the trouble of getting TECO and whatnot only to find that it wasn’t necessary. So, I’m just going to print out a copy, submit everything, and go from there. But, for anyone who is already in Taiwan in need of a background check and cannot wait 3-6 months for the FBI to get back to you - go to Accurate Biometrics.