Criminal record check CANADA

hi canadians!

some of the school ask for a criminal record check. does anyone know if we can use the criminal record check for employment purposes [standard one issued the same day at any police station] or are they looking for the RCMP one involving finger prints? TECO in toronto said that they would only stamp an RCMP fingerprint checked record. Does anyone have experience with this? Specifically, for applying to chain schools in Taiwan. Any other reason to have the fingerprint check?


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You should be fine with a records check from your local police. I used a regular one (no fingerprints) to process my marriage visa here without any trouble. According to the RCMP website, it can take up to 6 months for them to process a criminal records check, due to the volume of applications. Yeesh.

I did the RCMP one. True to their word, it took about 6 months.

If you even mention Criminal Records Check to the Taiwan embassy in Vancouver the first thing they respond with is “We only accept criminal checks from the RCMP.”.

I’m not sure about regular work visas, but for the JFRV + ARC you definitely need the RCMP check. I lucked out big time and my was processed and back to me in under 6 months. There is an expited service available IIRC, but I’m not sure how you go about getting. I just called and explained my situation (needed it back ASAP) and they were kind enough to get the check back to me quite quickly.

I guess things have changed for the worse! I got mine done at the Saskatoon police service in 2006, sent it to TECO in Vancouver who translated and notarized it, and got my JFRV without any fuss whatsoever.