Criminal Record many checks of the check? huh?


I am in the process of marriage and JFRV, and a question that I couldn’t find the answer to on here has arisen:

I have to leave Taiwan and re-enter, and while abroad I will have my Criminal Record Check checked at a consulat, but do I first need it notarized by the AIT?

The form that we needed to prove I was single needed to be notarized by the AIT (1000NT) and then that had to be checked by Taiwan (400NT). Do I need to follow the same process with the Criminal Record Check? I am from Pennsylvania, USA, and I was able to use a nice little system the state has set up. It costs $10.00USD and you can get your record from the state police over the Internet in a matter of minutes. I did that, and I have the certificate that you can print out that states everything(no record for me, blah blah blah).

That being said, is a state police check enough?


ok…sorry, think I did find it after all…and I guess it is better to be safe than sorry anyway…so yes to AIT again.

But, I assume the state police check should be enough. I hope.

The criminal record check must be authenticated by the TECO office responsible for the area where it was issued. You will need to find out which office is responsible for Pennsylvania and send it there. AIT has nothing to do with it.