Criminal record check - now valid for 6 months

Good news.

I went in the Immigration office Thursday to try and get my paperwork accepted, despite having received my RCMP criminal record check after the 3 month deadline had expired. “No problem,” the officer said, “we’re now accepting them for 6 months.”

Came back the next day with the Pixie, everything was stamped, and in a week I’ll be picking up my JFRV.


Do you know if that is country specific, or just your country? The lady at my TECO told me yesterday that its only 3 months. However I have no faith about updated info being conveyed between places here.

Sorry, no idea.

I should also stipulate that I tend to get the benefit of the doubt dealing with gov’t offices because of where I work. That may have helped.


Didn’t realise you’d gotten hitched - well done old boy.

We have a sproglet on the way - so get breeding and they can play.

Thank you, thank you. And… we planted a seed on our wedding night (yes, I am feeling particularly virile).
Sprout’s due to arrive at the end of June. Yours?

You lucky sods, here I am worrying about my souts fathering other children with impressionable young lasses. Damn… he’s 18 next month.