Criminal Record - how will the effect me?

Hello everyone,

Well I had planned to arrive in Taipei next month to do what so many others do, and find a teaching job. However, last night I did somethng incredibly stupid. I was arrested for drink driving (moderate range). After I face court, I will have a Criminal Record as this is a criminal offense in the state of NSW, Australia.

Can anyone tell me if this makes it tougher, or even impossible to firstly, travel to Taiwan and secondly, to gain a work visa.

Thanks for any advice

They don’t require a record of no criminal past for a tourist visa or ARC. Basically and convicted child molester can come to Taiwan and teach children. It will only be a problem if you apply for permanent residency, as only permanent foreign residents are required to prove they are not criminals.

I think they ask you to make sure you do have a criminal record. If you’re a drunk driver or a gangster or a pirater, you’re going to fit into Taiwan much easier. I’m not any of those and I have a hell of a time fitting in because of those people.

Seems to me that on the visa app, they ask you if you have been convicted of anything, but then state that a “yes” answer to any of the questions in that section (including things like “Are you a drug trafficker?”) would not necessarily disqualify you for a visa. (My personal favorite is, “Have you ever worked illegally in the ROC?”) :unamused:

How many foreigners would be disqualified if they required a background check in order to obtain an ARC?

Like most foreigners, I didn’t break any laws
I came to Taiwan :wink:

What do you mean? There aren’t any laws here, only “suggestions”. We suggest you don’t turn left from the far-right lane, unless you’re driving a Benz, or…

No problem Rayman, you can get pissed and drive here as much as you want - it’s the national sport. As a matter of fact until not long ago, there were no legal sanctions against drunk drivers.

There are a little bit now, but wave your Oz drivers license at them and say: “Me no speak chinese”, and you’ll be OK. They might want you to blow in something, but… heck they never touches foreigners anyway. As a matter of fact I would recommend you to “borrow” a car, get very drunk and drive around in Taipei friday nights. That’s the real way to get interesting experiences here real quick - and the govt even have a special foreigners hotel for you in Linkou and it’s for free!

I am an american, in the exact same shoes pretty much. I am supposed to go taipei for a semester abroad, however about 3 months ago i was arrested for DUI (drunk driving) in Los Angeles. therefore I now have a criminal record. it says on the form “this does not neccessarily disqualify you” for a “yes” answer, however my perception is that you are likely to have to either go through a shitload of red-tape after answering yes, or be barred from entry. I have a dilemma, should I lie or not? people, including a taiwanese woman I know, said “lie and play dumb if you get caught”. I was wondering what people knew about taiwans visa policy for student/visitor visa…do they actually check your american record? if america can’t even keep track of its own people’s records (there are numerous people with criminal records buying guns/etc other things they arent supposed to be allowed to) I dont see how taiwan could keep track. At the same time I dont want to lie and possibly put myself in more trouble (deportation, for instance). What should I do? Should I answer yes or no on the visa question about having a criminal record?

I think this should be a poll…Should Zhonguoman lie? Yes or No…

I say yes…

I think people in general should take responsibility for their actions. If they do something that bars them from entry, then it’s just too bad.

A criminal record should be a prerequisite for entry to Taiwan, not a bar.

Granted, you may just fit better in.

I am an American, in the exact same shoes pretty much. I am supposed to go Taipei for a semester abroad, however about 3 months ago I was arrested. They found all those dead bodies in my basement. I admit, they were kind of smelly, but hell, were they really bothering anyone? I mean, with the neighbor putting in that ugly gazebo that blocks my view of the canyon, should they really have complained about a little smell? Good fences make good neighbors I say. Anyway, I’ve spent the last couple months in jail. My cellmate is a guy named Bruno. He says I’m his “bitch”. So do the officers in the jail. They say I can get out of jail quicker if I do what they say. My lawyer calls me his bitch too. He makes me put on a mask and do bad bad things. He’s lives in the next cellblock. But he says he’s getting me out on bail soon. So, like, anyways, I have the same questions as the other guy. I have a dilemma on the travel forms for Taiwan, should I lie or not? I don’t want to get kicked out of a bushiban or anything.

If you have a problem with lying to people, I would suggest you get over it very quickly. The Republic of China’s very existence is based on a lie. In Taiwan it’s not a question of if you should lie, it’s more like how much.

Right on.

Listen kid, just lie and come over. Taiwan needs the money right now anyway.

It sounds like the forum needs a new chop for “Town Drunks”.

Just don’t worry about it. Do whichever you want, but Taiwan isn’t going to care about a drunk-driving conviction. They’d probably turn you down if you had a record of violent criminal behavior, e.g., beating up a cop while drunk or axe-murdering your neighbors. They’d probably also ban you if your record includes convictions for (non-alcoholic) drug use or trafficking.

No, criminals mostly steal guns, or buy them from other criminals. In fact, the situation is the opposite of what you describe, since about 100,000 Americans are denied their right to buy a gun because the bureaucratic records are screwed up. (They then get to go through an appeals process for a bit before the nannies allow them to complete their purchases.)

taiwan sounds right up my alley! nah just kidding, I am relieved though that they don’t care that much…the visa form makes it look like some fascist dictatorship… “DRUG TRAFFICKING IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH” is printed on the top of the form!

For all the ambiguities of the laws in Taiwan you can be fairly sure this is one that they will enforce. Don’t mess around with drugs in Taiwan (unless you want to die).

For all the ambiguities of the laws in Taiwan you can be fairly sure this is one that they will enforce. Don’t mess around with drugs in Taiwan (unless you want to die).[/quote]

Wrong! In case you are caught with a joint in your pocket, they won’t shoot you - they’ll give you 7 years in the slammer. If you have 2 joints, you’ll get a bullet in the head.