Criminal record report for US citizen - what is on it?

Does anyone knows if the FBI checks records at the IRS when doing the check?

Yes, if you’ve been convicted under the US Tax Code, and prosecuted by the IRS.

The check, just goes by hits, by your fingerprints, and the NCIC, for felony hits.

Depending what you’re applying, and what hits count as disqualifying.

Did a search because I vaguely remember seeing a comment on obtaining a criminal record check. But came up with a lot of noise.

Does anyone have a link to the thread? I need to know how to get one when I arrive in TW.

[quote=“MilkTeaJack”]Did a search because I vaguely remember seeing a comment on obtaining a criminal record check. But came up with a lot of noise.

Does anyone have a link to the thread? I need to know how to get one when I arrive in TW.[/quote]You need the FBI background check from the US?

You don’t need to go to the US and do it. You can get it done while you’re here in Taiwan. It’s easy easy easy.

  1. Go to the FBI website which has all the information you need to know about applying for your background check. FBI RECORD IDENTIFICATON REQUEST

  2. Download the FBI’s standard fingerprint form (FD-258) from their website. It’s in PDF format and not protected so you can easily use the computer to type in your information. Then, print it out onto to a standard A4 card stock. Don’t use regular paper. Card stock, card stock, card stock. Make three copies in case the fingerprinting technician screws up.

  3. Take the fingerprint cards you made to the National Immigration Agency. First, you need to pay $100NTD for each fingerprint card you want done, then take the receipt and the fingerprint cards to the technician for fingerprinting. Relax, let them roll your fingers just like the time you were arrested and the police…etc…

  4. Go back to the FBI’s web page and download their easy peasy credit card payment form. It’s also in PDF format. Fill it out. Print it out.

  5. Go back to the FBI’s web page and downoad their easy peasy coverletter for requesting your background check. It’s not protected so you can type your information on it, too. Print it out.

  6. Get a nice mailing envelope and put all three standard fingerprint forms (FD-258), your credit card payment form, your coverletter requesting a background check into it.

  7. Go to the post office and send the package off to the FBI’s processing center. Use the DHL mailing envelope that you can get from any 7-11. It costs about $1,500 NTD, but you will have a tracking number and you will know where your package is at all times.

FBI CJIS Division – Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306

The FBI’s website says that the processing time is 8-10 weeks upon receiving your package. However, one tip you should remember. Have the FBI send the completed background check to your address in the US, not Taiwan. Why? Because you need to get it translated into Chinese, then send the original FBI background with the Chinese translation off to the DC TECO to be certified, and then have the DC TECO send it to you in Taiwan where you can use it. Remember, you must send the FBI background check to the DC TECO because they have the authority to authenticate the FBI background check. If you mistakenly send it to your local TECO, it will just delay the authenication procedure as they will have to forward it on to the DC TECO. Then you will lose track of your package and there’s a chance it could get misplaced and have to do it all over again.

  1. Once the FBI check is finished, you should have them send it to your residence in America. Make sure it’s addressed to you. Remember, the FBI won’t and can’t send your background check to anyone else but you! Dont’ ask, they won’t do it.
  2. Have your friend or relative open the background check when it arrives at your address in America, scan it and email the scanned copy to you so that you can have it translated into Chinese. Afterward, you can email the Chinese translation back to America where it can be printed out by your friend or relative. Then they can put the Chinese Translation with the original FBI background check into an envelope and send it off to the DC TECO to be certified. You can also pay the highest cost for express certification and mail service so it will get from the DC TECO back to Taiwan as quickly as possible.

I was told by two people at NIA help line that you can also get the CRR from FBI translated and notarized here in Taipei after it is authenticated in the US at DC TECRO.

I think you forgot to mention that you need to get a cashier’s check (made out to “TECRO”) for $15 and a copy of your passport to include with the application for authentication at TECRO. I scanned my passport and sent the file to be printed out by my mom. There is pretty clear information on the TECRO DC website and the woman who took my call was very competent.

thanks! seems awfully convoluted but then, hey, it wouldn’t be a bureaucracy if it wasn’t!

easy easy easy? Seriously? I’m having a heart attack over here. I can’t believe with all the posts i’ve made asking for help about all documents I need to get a job here, not one person ever said anything about a criminal check. I only stumbled on this thread because I was trying to find an answer to a visa question. If this takes 10 weeks, that means I can’t possibly start making money for three months from now, with the extra time sending things all over creation tacked on?? I don’t have enough money to keep living here three months. Do I have to give up on teaching here, my dream for the last three years, just like that? : (

Not least of my concern is I don’t have a clean record. Three years ago, I got three 3rd degree felony drug charges. Changed my life, got me back in school, with the objective of teaching English here. I wanted to do this all legitimately. Is my choice teach illegally til I get deported, or leave? : (

You only need the background check if you are applying for the APRC or the JFRV.
You don’t need one to teach English.

Sweet Jesus. Thank you so much for the quick reply

5-10-2010 - Here’s what a current criminal record check from the FBI looks like if you have no criminal record. They no longer return your submitted fingerprints and it’s now just a simple one page report.

Hi north coast Surfer, do you have a copy of the translation that you used that you can share?