Criminal Records Check

I’d like to know the steps involved in applying and receiving a criminal records check in order to recieve a visa based on marraige.

I’m Canadian and I’ve check the RCMP websites but I would like to know the exact steps/procedures.

Where do I go for fingerprinting?

After the prints have been sent do I send it to the TECO office in Toronto?

What does the paper work look like?


Photos required?

How long to recieve the paperwork?

Thanks in advance.

You can get a criminal record check from your local/city police department. No fingerprints are needed. It only takes a week or two to receive it. However, I’m not sure if it would be accepted in Taiwan for a JFRV.

Well just for clarification,

I have never been convicted of a crime so my record is clean

However, in order to obtain a JFRV, I must first have a criminal records check done from the RCMP as well as Taipei City (been here 3 years).

Is there anyone that could walk me through the steps?

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Are you sure it MUST be from the RCMP? A CRC is so much easier to obtain from your local/city police department.

I’m really not sure which is the best route, this is why I’m asking.

I really hope someone with experience could help me out. Don’t mean to sound like a child but it would be so much easier if someone could walk me through it.

Where/How? Fees? Time Frame? The paperwork’s appearance?

Although this topic is of interest, we can save the military/mercenary chit chat for the pub or a night of sharing.

Pretty please with a cherry on top…how do I speed up this process without going completely insane while it gets done?

Is there anyone with experience on the matter? How long will it take? Who do I contact?

The TECO office in Toronto had shown me something that resembled an ID card with a photo attached. This was apparently the translation of the C.R check.


Ok…my bad. I apologize.
Fingerprints are needed. Your local cop shop (Police station can do this for you on a form approved by the TECO & Canadian authoritires - they have them at their shop.
Records check can be done by your local hometown Police station. They must then mail it to the regional TECO Office for their “chop.” TECO will then mail it to your local place -MOFA(?) office. Cost is approx NT$1500. Send a pre-stamped envelope with your fingerprints to your home toen Police station so they can mail it to the TECO you designate.
Include another postage paid and addressed envelope for TECO to mail the “chopped” paperwork to the MOFA of your choice here.
Very important At your local/regional Canadian TECO Office - MAKE CONTACT - VIA EMAIL/TELEPHONE - WITH SOMEONE TO HELP YOU WITH THIS WHEN IT GETS TO TECO OFFICE. This cannot be over-emphasized. Otherwise they will get the envelope from your local PD and not know or care what the fuck to do with it. Also, if possible, ask for someone at your local PD to email you that they are finished with their part and have sent it to the TECO office.
When the local Taiwan people - MOFA or local National Police Station - thats where I went - ets your stuff they will probably call you to come in and finish the paper work and pay them approx. $NT1200 or so.
The tuff bits is co-ordinating with the TECO offices to get their “chop” on your paperwork and get it sent to the right place. Thus the postage paid envelopes.

I hope this helps a bit.

Its basically how I did it.

These two [url= should be of help. :sunglasses:

Very important At your local/regional Canadian TECO Office - MAKE CONTACT - VIA EMAIL/TELEPHONE - WITH SOMEONE TO HELP YOU WITH THIS WHEN IT GETS TO TECO OFFICE. This cannot be over-emphasized. Otherwise they will get the envelope from your local PD and not know or care what the f*ck to do with it. [/quote]

I second that. I handcarried mine to the TECO office in Guam and the morons [i]still[/i] lost it. :fume:

Let’s thicken the plot…

When I tried to get this done back in 2003, I had recieved my forms from the RCMP (fingerprints and all) that stated:

“This certifies that a search of the national criminal records repository maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) concerning the person whose fingerprints, name and date of birth appear above could not be associated to an existing criminal records conviction.”

This is Dated November 20th 2003. I didn’t complete the process because 1) the hassle of sending back to Toronto was too much an I had just then recieved employment here in Taiwan therefore an ARC was issued. 2) I didn’t want to be a sod and become a citizen through marraige.

Oh boy was I wrong in that decision. The problem with all of this is that it escapes me as to how long it takes to recieve the paper work. I’ve heard a month. I’ve read on forumosa that it doesn’t need to be authenticated (older threads). I"ve heard as long as 12 fricken weeks. I’ll level with all of you. I don’t have the time nor the funds to screw around here.

Time frame? That’s of major importance to me besides any other changes since 2003. We were married in Toronto December 31st 2001 and I have all of the supporting paper work including household registration etc.

Lastly I just had a ‘dream’. Can I use this paperwork and waltz intot he office and receive my JFRV? God I hope so. Otherwise I’m truly screwed.

Tis’ the season!

BTW: Thanks for all of your help so far. This is what makes Forumosa.

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A suggestion. Go to where you are “Household Registered” and ask them.

TC thanks and I’m actually calling Tainan now (registry). Who knows, if all goes well, I’ll be down in Tainan this new year to take a job and we could possibly go for a pint.

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'At’ll work.

Good luck.


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For any of you that need to know, I’ve just called MOFA and *Tainan’s registry office and apparently all I will need to do is authenticate my CCRD from 2003! Meaning that if your CCRD is less than 5 years old, all you will need is authentication from you home city TECO office.

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Thanks to all who’ve put some time into responding.

*Tainan’s registry office also had informed me that I will need an updated household registration form. No problem.

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