Wellmen’s has it. Thanks. :bow:

I would imagine you bought up the lot? If not you should have .

Has anyone seen Crisco or any other vegetable shortening at any of the western supermarkets? So far I have only tried the Jason’s in Panchiou and was surprised to find they didn’t have it (or I nor the assistant manager who didn’t know what it was could find it). I don’t want to run around to each western shop looking for it, if anyone can point me in the right direction first I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

I think it has something to do with the lack of transfat in Crisco, it’s somewhat better for you than normal shortening. [color=#0000FF]What’s the local stuff and where can you get it,[/color] as I’ve never seen it for sale, but then again, maybe I haven’t been looking in the right places.[/quote]

The local stuff is just hydrogenated vegetable oil, just like the old Crisco, except generic. The DIY baking store next to Minquan bridge has it. I think it’s called bai2you2 白油, lit. “white oil”, but it’s not a liquid oil. If you haven’t been to the store, here are the directions:
[color=#008080]Directions: Take Minquan E. Rd. eastward, to Fuyuan St., which is the last street just before the bridge upramp; veer right and take the small low road eastward under the bridge instead of the bridge upramp. There’s a Buddhist supply shop there, and a tire shop. Go to the first alley, turn right, go 50-100 meters, and it’s on your left. 義興西點原料行 is the shop name; the address is 富錦街574巷2號 Fujin St., Lane 574, #2. Phone 2760-8115. Take a list with the Chinese names of what you want and show it to them if you can’t find something. [/color]

Sorry I missed this with my original posting. I did a search but this did not come up.

“in Panchiou”
I’m not sure where that is but here in Taichung it’s available at Costco.

G&G has the large cans of Crisco, $315 for 1.36 kg (and also smaller cans).
Wellman’s also always has it in stock but it’s more expensive there, $350/can. It was $285 or so there a year ago.