Crooked spine in Taiwanese population


I made a quite strange observation when riding my scooter. I see lots of other scooter riders which don’t sit on their scooter straight, but have their upper body or hip twisted to one side (not aligned).
This is so common here. I guess about 1 in 10 people do that / have that condition. So i wanted to ask if others have observed this and what can be the cause?


Older people right?
Polio was a big problem in Taiwan till the 60s or so.

Others have osteoporosis from malnutrition and poor nutrition when young. Thats why they are ao small aswell. Have some sympathy for that generation, many were very poor.


People don’t end up with crooked bone/spine from Polio. You end up with physical disability or spend your entire life in an iron lung or other ventilation device because you lost the ability to breathe. Polio is a terrible disease and I wouldn’t ever wish it on my worst enemy. This is why you should get vaccinated.

Not particularly “older” people. Also many men and women in their 30s and 40s

So I take it you never heard of Polio scoliosis? or even abortive poliomyelitis?

What Are the Symptoms of Abortive Poliomyelitis?

Poliovirus infections can lead to a wide variety of clinical features, ranging from mild infection to paralysis and even death. Majorly poliovirus infections are asymptomatic, with around 70 % of infected cases showing no symptoms and around 25 % experiencing mild symptoms.

Paralytic poliomyelitis is seen in less than one percent of infections. The disease is classified into spinal, bulbar, and bulbospinal types, depending on the site of the affected motor cells of the central nervous system.

Symptoms of abortive poliomyelitis are very mild. It does not affect the brain and the spinal cord. The symptoms are of short duration and may include one or more of the following:

Scoliosis is a common complication of poliomyelitis, but it is not universal. Scoliosis may develop years after the acute infection along with muscle weakness as part of post-polio syndrome. Muscle and joint pain go along with PPS.


So wrong. I knew a man whose spine disintegrated by the time he was 70. He could not straighten up. Died earlier than he should have. Remained a bachelor all his life. Very sad but he always put his best face forward. :disappointed_relieved:

You know Polio is some horrible disease… you want to know who’s got polio, look at FDR. They don’t show him in wheelchairs out of respect but he basically got paralyzed by it.

For those people I’m not sure.
I know what you mean though. And then you have all the folks who ride their scooters with their feet sticking out for balance.

Probably from sitting on a scooter every day for decades without back support. That’s why I refuse to ride one.


to be fair, the op is about setting.ona scooter crooked, not actual crooked spines.

but on the actual crooked spine front, my wife’s lower vertebrae are crooked as all hell. like a weak C in the lower. not sure how common that is in actuality. but other forms of back problems are pretty common here. my guess was always many different issues and we the outside observer just see “messed up spine”. my back is fugged now too, but it wasnt genetic, moreso environment (work) as I bet many peoples are. the hunches I see in various factory and farming.groups are fairly epic.

Could be ankylosing spondylitis