Cross-strait? International? Unification? (split from Coronavirus vaccines)

It’s not even debatable. Have you heard of Mainland Affairs Council? Why do they call it “mainland”? Are you seeking independence from the ROC?

Are you one of the people still dreaming to regain the mainland one day?


No. But why not unite? The mainland has changed a lot over the past 20-30 years and has become more developed that Taiwan.

because majority of Taiwanese don’t want it.


They don’t want it for now, but what about later when they realize how far Taiwan has fallen behind the mainland?

you can wait for the day coming.

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Developed…For the worse in terms of freedom.
Taiwan has fallen behind how ? I don’t get it. Taiwan is a very prosperous country with a lot of personal freedoms.


After this past few years with Hong Kong, and the virus…yeah I don’t think that would help people change their mind…not like many Taiwanese wanted to “unite” anyways.

We got our vaccines from Japan on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre as well which you know…


But how much freedom is really free is a hypothetical question. You can be in a place as free as India, largest democracy in the world, yet nothing gets done.

I’ll explain it this way. The number of people heading to mainland China is increasing at an alarming rate. Why stay in Taiwan when the wages are low, the laobans are ______, etc?

Fallen behind in what category?

Human rights abuses? Total surveillance? Groupthink? Wealth that can be confiscated at whim? Chabuduo construction? BSL-4 laboratories? Tacky light shows?


it can be an empirical one

if you want to talk about Taiwan and China, why not bring up North Korea as well?

for example:

really, @felinner, it’s not even debatable. have you ever lived in China, or followed news in the free press about what happens there? yes, some people turn a blind eye to what goes on because that is best for their bank account, but that doesn’t mean that the people of Taiwan should want to go under the thumb of the totalitarian CCP

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Have you ever wondered why so many companies choose to continue to invest in the mainland?

Cheap forced labor? Easily corruptible government officials? The ability to pollute without consequence?


Beijing seems to have changed a lot over the last couple of years…

LOL :rofl:

Not really, even with IP theft and other challenges there has been a lot of money to be made there.

Most businesses are in the business of making money. That doesn’t mean Taiwan should want to go under the CCP thumb, your argument is fundamentally flawed.

If you mean flattening hutong for the Olympics, that’s Maoist behaviour pure and simple.

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Really @TT do you understand China?

Why after so many students going abroad and with the free Internet, why do so many stick with China’s ambitions?

I’m talking about Beijing’s air. Not the government.

I’m not sure how to respond to this. I’ve lived there for a few years, and since then I have read a lot about the country. I understand China better than most, but can’t claim to have a perfect understanding. I don’t see how it matters, though. Businesses making money is not a reason for Taiwanese citizens to want to unify with the mainland, it is only a reason for them to want to do business there.

Well, in that case I don’t think Beijing having somewhat less apocalyptic air is a reason for the entire country of Taiwan to want unification, either.


It’s the opportunities there are in the mainland compared to Taiwan. Notice how there are considerably less mainlanders flocking (illegally) to Taiwan now compared to years ago.