Crossfit roll call

Greetings everyone! I just moved to Taipei and was wondering if there is a crossfit community out here. Please hit me up as I’m looking for fellow crossfitters to WOD out with.



Unfortunately there isn’t one. I really with there was one also. All other SE Asia has one even in Japan, but not in Taiwan yet. It’s a great opportunity for instructors interested.

Bro - I wish there was one too… i come to Taiwan pretty often, and i wish there was a CF gym. My friend was also looking for one as well…as we both live in Hong Kong, and she just got into CF and needs to travel to Taipei quite a bit for work, so we would have loved to find a place to WOD… she recommended this gym called O3… should maybe check it out.

does anyone know of any other gyms to crossfit? I know O3 just started, but i find them pretty small… like to hear your feedback

Hey All,

We just opened the first dedicated CrossFit box in Taipei. We are located in the Zhong Shan District. Please visit our site for more information. Come down and visit us!!!

Wow, all the marketing team of Crossfit is in forumosa… but apparently they don’t know each other by the nickname, which is understandable, given that neither of them has more than the posts of this thread :smiley: