Crowded A&E House

I’m just wondering if maybe we don’t need so many STICKYs in the A&E Forum. Everytime I go in there I have to scroll down to see new posts or new threads. All those STICKYs just look, well, messy and crowded. And with my injured wrist, scrolling is just too much work.

Can’t we STICKY the review sites into one?

Maybe we could link to each discussion using smaller links about the table of discussions and below the Forum title (in the Forum Description area). The links can be arranged horizontally, abbreviated or even use small graphics, if appropriate.

I think more than about 3 stickies in any forum is too crowded.


Maybe they need another moderator to pitch in :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I actually talked to iris about this a while ago - I’ve always thought the same and I think we both agreed that some of them could go. Will look into pruning sooner rather than later if it’s an issue.

There - you happy now? :sunglasses:

iris, if you take issue with anything I’ve done, feel free to go in and fix it :slight_smile:

Thanks Chewy, we girls are managing just fine without your, um, services :wink:

Great job, Daasgrrl! :slight_smile:

Thank you, daasgrrl! It looks much less crowded and more welcoming. I can see the new yellow posts immediately once I click on the forum.

I will come to your room more often now.