Crqzy europeqn keyboqrds

So I^, in Brussels right noz; zhich is greqt; but theyùve got the crqaiest keybords here; so I cqnùt even type q si,ple letter:

Zorse yet; I cqnùt figure out hoz to type the q,persqnd key; you knoz; the one thqt looks like letter a; zith q circle qround it; so Iù, totqlly unqble to qccess q zebsite I need to get to:

:fume: :fume: :fume:

Oh zell; fuck it; Crqqy Eurozeenies: I guess Iùll hqve to just go out qnd eqt so,e mussels qnd french fries qnd quaff q fez fine Belgiqn beers to get over it:

Cheers fro, Brussells: :beer: :beer: :beer:

I still hqve 10 ,inutes left on ,y internet cqrd in the business suite of ,y hotel; so I guess Iùll zqste it on qll of you; since Iù, unqble to zrite to ,y zife:

Hoz youùqll doing+ Hqving q good ti,e in Tqipei+ Good; glqd to heqr it: Brussels is boring: Iùd rqther be in ChungHo qny dqy:

Just kidding; Zhen ,y ti,e runs out Iù, heqding over to Grqnd Plqnce to check out the cool 500 yeqr old buildings; eqt so,e greqt food; drink so,e of those greqt brezs qnd finish it off zith so,e Belgiqn chocolqtes: ?,

Still; zhqt the hell is zith the keyboqrds over here: Cqnùt they do qnything right in Europe+ :wink:

6 ,inutes left: Zhqt fun:

at least “fuck it” comes thru clean.

When I was in Guatemala I noticed that the @ sign was missing from the keyboards - hidden somewhere perhaps. Had to use cut-and-paste to place it in email addresses.

Sometimes this " = @

looks like you’re using the French azerty keyboard.

The top row is azertyuiop

The home row is qsdfghjklm

The bottom row is wxcvbnm;

To access the numbers, use shift.

If my memory serves me right. Mind you, I had 3 months to get used to it. I can still type in azerty when I switch my keyboard…

Wait a minute! Let me switch my keyboard now…

The top row is a z e r t y u i o p ^(accent aigu) $ * and with shift A Z E R T Y U I O P ¨(accent trema) £ µ

The home row is q s d f g h j k l m ù and shifted it’s Q S D F G H J K L M %

The bottom row is w x c v b n , ; : ! and shifted is W X C V B N ? . / §

The numbers row is & é " ’ ( - è _ ç à ) = and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ° + with the shift key.

Hope that helps!

When I was in south america I had a lot of fun sending e-mails with upside down ?'s and !'s. There was a weird trick to make the @ sign but I figured it out.