Cruise with Ocean Discovery Group (ODG) from Kaohsiung

Hi guys,

I need to go out by the end of the month and it seems that there is

no Star Cruise cruises during that period from Keelung. I have an alternative
with ODG, based in Kaohsiung found at

- Has someone any experience with ODG ?
- Will I get stamp (out and in) as if I took a plane out of the country ?


I have been on their boat before. You will get a stamp in and out of the country IF you have a multiple entry visa. Since they won’t be able to issue visas on the boat.

It is not nearly as nice as Sta Cruises, but they are cheaper. It is an older boat, and most of the crew is from Mainland China , Vietnam, etc.

If you do go, take a note book and some DVDs to enterain yourself.