Cruisin for brusin on Royal Carib

So cruise ships have never made any TW ports a starting point in the past. Hence the only ship id ever been on was the ferry from Keelung to Hualian that ran for a while way back when.

My one voyage on it was awesome. It was only something like 200nt too !!

Five and a half hours watching the eastern shores from only a few hundred feet away on the top deck of the large passenger ferry. Then 30 mins inside at a super cute , super small bar with a couple of hot and young TW girls serving. Wish Id know bout this bar sooner and then i wouldve spent less time on deck. I was in my teens then but it was fun.

Now apparently a RC ship will do voyages from Keelung. Pretty cool. This ship was launched in 1999 so its not the newest out there. … 2003562006

but lets hope its a lot better then this persons experience on a prior cruise on this ship out of China: … yID=217895

a little tune to float your boat

If RC would do a cruise from Keelung to Vladivostok and back, I’d looove to go. (Never been to Russia.)

That would rock. :thumbsup: