Crusaders Win Inaugural Super XIV

Well done, Crusaders!
Hard luck, 'Canes!

Good to see a Kiwi team win.

Oh, that’s right - 2 Kiwi teams contested the final.
Not a Saffa or Oz team in sight.

Silly me!


it looked like they were playing underwater!

Now I know that they pump maga-mula into the cricket side in Dingo land.
But over the last few years the Wallabies have all but turned into “The wantabes”

Super 14…
so thats like 9 / 10 NON kiwi teams…
and they play like 8+ games each
AND at the end of the year 2 NZ teams are fighting it out…
when super 12 started went Auckland, auckland, Cantab, cantab
So does that mean super 14 gonna be Cantab, cantab , Auckland,auckland???
cos if it is How’s Auckland gonna get the team??

What are the best things in like??
To see your foes driven before and hear the lamentation of their woman
O yeah
soft toilet paper, recipes for soupe , and good denthistry

My Home team won. That fog was much worse than it looked on TV. A terrible game to watch.