Cryptic job ad in newspaper from a few years back

Sorting through the paperwork compost on my desk today I came across a cryptic ad in the jobs section of one of the English papers. I had cut it out in the hope of deciphering it later. Fat chance.

Anyway, here it is:

[quote] Casually or Casualty?
Close to open prosperity from perspicacity
Eyeclose master piano
MR weeks NTD to UST
CM days
American English, Mandarin, Kantonese.
Money, Beauty & Joy
Decode top mystery
Pls call Samuel at XX4630 behind 0931
During IO-Em[/quote]

Each line is supposed to be centred, but I can’t seem to present it like that inside the quote box. Everything else is exactly as it appears. I deleted the first two numbers in the phone number so people won’t harrass Samuel. It was a medium sized ad - about 8cm x 8cm - not that that makes any difference.
I am no good at cryptic stuff like this. Wouldn’t make a very good spy. :sunglasses:
Any idea what it is/was about?

Didn’t you see “A Beautiful Mind”?

It’s a top secret code to mainland spies in Taiwan.