Cryptic Simpson's Quote Extravaganza (part Deux)

Marge: Homer, did you eat my whole pan of brownies?
Bart: Uh oh. You’re in for it now, Dad.
Homer: Marge, I’m feeling a lot of shame right now.
Marge: I’m hearing that you feel a lot of shame
Homer: And I feel that you hear my shame.
Marge: I’m feeling annoyance and frustration, but also tolerance.
Homer: I feel validated by that.
Marge: Good! I’m glad we had this talk.
Homer: Me too. [walks off whistling]

You misread the pee!

Marge: A koi pond! Finally a place where I can be alone with my thoughts.

Marge (thinking): How much money did he piss away on this?

Jebediah Springfield: [on film] A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.
Edna: Embiggens? I never heard that word before I moved to Springfield
Ms.Hoover: I don’t know why. It’s a perfectly cromulent word.

Homer: I don’t know jack about my boy. I’m a bad father! [bawls]
Selma: You’re also fat.
Homer: I’m also fat! [bawls more]

“This so called new religion is nothing but a pack of weird rituals and chants designed to take away the money of fools. Let us say the Lord’s prayer 40 times, but first let’s pass the collection plate.” ~ Reverend Lovejoy

Sit perfectly still. Only I may dance.

I didn’t do it.

This sucks.

Don’t you know I’m lactose intolerant!

Has the teaser for the upcoming Simpsons movie been posted here yet?
If not, here it is.

Take it outside, Godboy.

Say your prayers Simpson, because the schools can’t force ya, like they should.

Marge: Homer did you barricade the doors?
Homer: Why? Oh. The zombies. No.

Yes the simpsons have come a long way since an old drunk made humans out of his rabbit characters to pay off his gambling debts.

It’s a lazy dog dangling afternoon.

Homer to Marge: I’ll come find you when I’m ready to stop having fun.

Lisa: Bart! Don’t you realize what this means? The next time we fall asleep, we could die!
Grandpa: Eh, welcome to my world!

Homer: Bart! Where’d you get that shirt?
Bart: <wearing an Hawaiian shirt> I dunno. Came out of the closet.
Homer: Uhhh… huh.

I’m missing the cook-offfffff!