Cryptocurrency in Taiwan

Hi All,

What are the regulations like in Taiwan when it comes to cryptocurrency trading? Do any of you guys trade crypto in Taiwan? I’m thinking about converting USD $10k~$100k amount of crypto to fiat, and hopefully receive the fiat in my Taiwan bank account.

Don’t know sorry. You may ask Bitoex or Maicoin.

I asked the exact same question yesterday , welcome to the club :slight_smile: I was advised to use Maicoin, but curious to see if I could just transfer money from Bitstamp.

When I did was better to use Bitstamp, better price and you can wire to a USD or EUR account in Taiwan, I did that but I didn’t use Bitstamp because in that time was not working. But about Taiwan regulations not idea I will like to know as well.

500k nt plus they will start asking more questions and flag transfers into taiwan. They will check where its from and ask you details on that. Not sure how digital currencies realisticly work legally, but just off the bat that alone raises flags so be good to have your story line up. Choosing banks that arent filled with entitled dicks would be a good move (private). They tend to be far more respectful and reasonable.

Any updates on this? Did anyone have success using crypto to transfer money from their to Taiwan? I am still navigating the process, and how it would work (especially on the withdrawal in Taiwan side).

How about using Charles Schwab Checking with unlimited refund on foreign transaction fee?
Withdrawal is limited based on ATM and the account limit.
Pair this with credit card that has no foreign transaction fee as well.
Bofa Visa Travel Rewards.
Too large of amount will be wired, worth the fee?
Not crypto related.

MaiCoin no longer accepts Americans because of US regulations. Not sure about anyone else. It’s more expensive, but you can do person-to-person transfers. $100k might be a stretch, though.

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You can connect a TW bank account to your BitoEx account. Withdrawing should work that way. I haven’t tried it myself yet though.