Cryptocurrency of the Day

I’m not an expert but I end up editing a lot of crypto articles. Apparently, there are some big concerns over Tether and people are bailing from the currency even if it means they lose their money. I guess they figure it’s better to lose a bit than lose it all.

I just edited an article that said was giving away a bunch of Stellar (125 million) in an airdrop. Basically, they’re giving anyone who signs up to their wait list $25.

Be careful about airdrop info like that , a lot of them are scams to get your private key. Best to check if that is fraudulent or not.
I see the link on block so prob legit but never give your private key to anybody.

From what I read, they don’t need your private key, just your email address. I don’t actually have any cryptocurrencies, so I don’t think I’m in much danger.

I’m thinking of your readers.

They should never need your private key except very specific situations and egne then you need to be aware of what you are doing (that’s basically the password to your crypto account).

Only public key. That’s the equivalent of your bank account no.

Some new services setup a wallet for you so maybe that is what they will do.

@Brianjones I still have my Ethereum bought in January this year (almost at the all time high lol), do you think there is a chance it bounces back eventually?

Always a chance but could take a long time.

(CT stands for “Christian Traders”)

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not this year ; maybe mid of next year or with the launch of ethereum 2.0 when it goes out. If we see major support towards NEO, it may further see a bull run.

The market really sucks at the moment, but the ETF approval (likely to happen in February 2019) could make things interesting again.

It sucks right now. Pretty much all of 2018…

Terrible day.

What caused that?

Nothing except a whale shorting and then a load bots sell off. Or could be just low volume, no obvious reason.

Bought 85 XRP today, just in case ( )

Blythe, oh Blythe, what do you foresee?

“the recent explosion of nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies in a largely unregulated environment has greatly expanded the scope for abuse”

How can you get around there?

Pump-and-dump schemes rife in cryptomarket: study

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Yes I can create a crypto today if you want your own one ?
Doesn’t mean anyone will use it.

Same with writing dollar signs on a piece of paper or creating a new website. Don’t know why any of this is surprising ?

A very good day. It’s been a while.

Oh yeah. I’m pretty much done investing any more capital in crypto unless BTC goes down to the low 3000s again, I’m in the for the ride now.