Cryptocurrency of the Day

Now we could be close to the bottom for Ethereum. BTC could drop again to 3000s but I’d say it’s a fair bet we are close to the bottom there looking at market behaviour and the potential for gains vs the stock market.
Ethereum is going to have a reduction in inflation in January I believe which will be a good driver if the bottom is in.
I’ve also loaded up on a fair amount of IOTA. There are many great picks if we are close to the bottom including XRP , NANO and BTC itself.
ETH at 100 USD, IOTA at 0.3 USD and NANO at 1USD… if you were thinking of dabbling with 5% of your cash it would be the best time in more than a year. That’s as opposed to.the stock market now…

Let’s wait until October and see if this is correct

Finally time to buy again!

Told you in Dec…and Sept…and July…:sweat_smile:

At least I bought into ETH and NEO at a good ole price.

The next story will be about the BTC issuance halving in 2020, it could be a self fulfilling prophecy with some hype back in town.

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Is it it you I’m looking for ?

Eh no.

my Bitcoin anthem :smiley:

I am far from being an expert, however I can clearly see there was a bad downtrend and it seems to be finally broken:

Not sure what it means long term though, but short term/middle term could be good.

It will explode again :wink:



It’s funny nobody even mentions ETFs anymore.

It’s all about adoption at this stage. BAT has started ramping as it’s one of the few proven moneymakers so far. I had a load of BAT at one stage but offloaded it in a previous pump.

BNB coin has exploded, and to be fair if crypto is on the up binance should be on the up.
I have been buying crypto in relatively small amounts even though I said I was done :slight_smile:

By best performer right now is AVA, travala block chain OTA.

Still think ETH and BTC at these prices are really nice long term, NANO too. Stacked up a bunch of those.

This is like one of those charts explaining the plot of the time-travel movie Primer.

Crypto is warming up. IOTA might be waking up a bit as well as they announced their plan to remove the coordinator . I swapped some of my iota just a day or two before big pump on announcement , such is life. Might buy back into position again . It’s still about 90 per cent off all time high !
I’d fancy NANO too as it haven’t moved up a lot yet.

It’s been a rough year I hope we are out of the woods now. It has allowed me to pick up lots of juicy ETH though.

Anybody got any hot crypto tips, or info about new projects ? I’m mostly knowledgeable about the bigger ones started one or two years ago. I think these overall will perform VERY well over the next few years and will be the best investments …But always interested to learn about new stuff.

I would say tezos, if you didn’t buy tezos below $1 you can keep on eye on it to buy a deep.

Why Tezos, tell us more.

Wow, just realized bitcoins are back near $10k again! You guys must be swimming in cash.

Yeah in a leaky swimming pool.

Nah, I bought at 13k!


Who went to the Tangle in Taipei with Dr Doom?