CS (UT, War Craft III, Doom 2, etc.) anyone?

After listening to that loud and annoying game, last week I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Turns out I like it, a lot. I’m just wondering if there’s any other posters out there that like it too. If you have a server you frequent let me know about it. There’s a few of you I’d like to frag :laughing: (just kiddin :wink: )

If you haven’t figured it out I’m talking about Counter Strike.

I’d even meet at a cafe one day for a LAN game.

Be careful!
My boyfriend’s completely and totally addicted to it.
And I thought PS was bad… :cry:

yeah, it’s addictive and escapist, but i’m into it too. i just hate being blasted by eleven-year-old snipers all the time. i’d also like them to step the game up where everybody can have real headsets and team radio communication going so you can storm in concert and all that jazz…

more virtual killing! more virtual blood! :smiling_imp:

I’ll play it with you at an Internet Cafe. As a person constantly trying to give up smoking (I know, in Taiwan, can you imagine it?), I enjoy letting the stress and frustration (generated by having to deal with cretinous children all day) out by playing such games. :smiling_imp:

Could we possibly get a regular thing going like the Chess Club? That would be nice I think (expecially for those of us who can’t play chess :blush: )

there was a spell there where i was unemployed and would prepay for about six hours of netcafe time and play competitively with all the kid assasins but now that i’m gainful i have little time and can’t even muster a weekend warrior’s worth of practice. still, i’d probably show up for a Segue CS Club Killing Session if a fine time could be arranged. some weekday evening work winddown bloodbath would be alright.

the way i figure it you need to be well awake to play worth a damn. coffee usually helps, but you have to keep your cool too. if you’re wired but edgy then you might shoot fast and zig a good zag but it won’t help you much. it’s best to be calm and collected like Clint in THE UNFORGIVEN and simply shoot true and solid. Yeah, so maybe the kid jumps out from around the corner guns ablaze. that’s alright. you just take true aim on his chest and strafe up towards his head as he moves… some of those kids are just better at it and get a shot in your head first, but if you’re trigger finger’s warm and in your in a round-to-round rythm then you’re golden. figuring out the angles, sniper and otherwise, as well as conflict points and approaches map to map is also key. anyways, if you only play for a little bit its no good. an hour or more is really in order. that way you can really get your KILL on. :imp: :smiling_imp:

unfortunately after a good rapturous little killing session ya look like this :shock:

if we’re gonna discuss CS, perhaps a bit of polling is in order:

favorite maps?
favorite guns?
soopah muthafucka tactics?

also, does anybody know anything about CS cheats, where they are found and how they’re employed. i’m curious about some of the mofos that seem to deflect bullets, absorb too many shots, or move to fast. you get little of this on the local LAN games but there are certainly lowdown cheaters out on some of the big international servers…

cheaters virtual lives end in a special level of virtual hell!

Here goes, hope it’s all correct. You can find a group of CSers, English speaking adults here:

ADD IP address: tw e-den

Team name: =8mm= Pat or Dogface or -3 or tiffanytoto
(I think…look for something like that.)

Playing Taiwan time from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. many evenings as of late.

Tell them Alien sent you. You can learn a lot from these guys. Let me know if you find them.

The CS Club. Sounds like an idea to me. Shouldn’t be hard cause a lot of my free time has been spent fragging :slight_smile: or getting fragged :laughing: (I think it sounds funny). All we would have to do is find a mutual meeting place and I’d be there.

I remember seeing post by a guy/gal that opened up an internet cafe somewhere close to new park (228 park). I never found it, but maybe that would be a good place (I’ll look for the post).

Here’s that post [CLICK HERE].

And here’s their web address www.tapcafe.com

If I get directions before I go home I’ll be there tonight.

Sounds great… :slight_smile:

Awaiting the address…

Tuesdays and Fridays, or the weekend are good for me. Has to be evening though.

Anyone else interested… there must be some people out there who wanna actually MEET to play the game… :?

Hey, let’s get this CS party started! I’m at the @corner at Taipei main station RIGHT NOW.

WHO WANTS SOME!!! :x :x :x :imp: :imp:


Ok, now we have a good place where we could meet, let’s organize and all go cash in on our FREE TIME at American Pie E-Cafe.

Is anyone game? This weekend maybe?

I think it would be fun.

Hate CS, much prefer UT. Any others out there?

Hate is such a strong word. Haven’t been able to get a kill in since you started playing :laughing: ? or tired of those damn snipers :imp: ?

UT is fun too from what I can remember. I’ve only played it a couple of times @ work (back home). I’m game.

not a big fan of cs. big ut fan here. was in a competitive clan when i was in the states. played ALL THE DAMN TIME. now playing ut2k3 though not that frequently. found 2 servers in taipei(one dm and one ctf), but noone ever seems to be on them. spend my time playing on us servers where i get 300-500 ping(tokyo and aussie servers give me the same ping so might as well play on the more popular us servers). add in the fact that i’m playing on a laptop and it’s not exactly the ideal gaming setup.

if anyone wants to get a ut/ut2k3 party together, i’d join in.

wc3 was ok, but i tried playing online a few times, got wasted by some crazy koreans and gave up. :stuck_out_tongue:

If UT takes the cake I’ll switch camps for a while. If memroy serves correctly, UT is the game with cap the flag and all those kinds of goodies, right? I’m gonna try to check out American Pie E-Cafe this weekend. I’ll let everybody know how it goes.

Hate is such a strong word. Haven’t been able to get a kill in since you started playing :laughing: ? or tired of those damn snipers :imp: ?

CS is just so ugly to look at and it feels clunky.

I have UT2003 installed but never play it. So the level detail is great, but gameplay isn’t improved over UT, weapons suck, and it’s kinda slow even on a P4/GF4Ti…

I agree with hsiadogah … UT and Doom far surpass CS in terms of the rush you get. I’d be in for the others, but not CS. Good game idea, but the engine is just too tired.
I like games that make me sweat while playing, and CS just doesn’t do it for me.