Csb assets seized

Kind of funny how CSB’s assets(his son’s two houses) were confiscated this week.
Do you notice it’s only things regarding the DPP?
It’s ironic the family of Lien Chen, James Soong, the Wang clan and countless other blue party officials continue to prance around the US spending their corrupt cash but yet one hint of a DPP asset is swiftly seized.
What about Ma’s two daughters who have been doing their PHDs for the last 12 years(new record). They live pretty comfortable.
Oh yeah, “we(the US)strictly forbid people hiding their illicit gains in our country”
I guess it doesn’t help that the KMT are leasing out their big ass building in Manhattan to 12 diff gov’t agencies.
Grow some balls and go after the big boys.
CSB has squat compared to Mr. Peanut’s old crew.

I don’t get it either, there have been so many criminals that have escaped to the US , how come they can’t get their assets over there?

So what did happen to the Peanutissimo’s ill-gotten gains, anyway? Were they “inherited” by the KMT, or were they somehow dispersed among his descendants and quietly forgotten about? Didn’t his grandchildren become US citizens?

I always thought Miami was to go-to retirement destination for ex-dictators, drug barons and the like. Got Money? Welcome to the USA!

Mr peanut’s gains were mostly as a result of US reconstruction money in the 50’s and heroin profits as a result of massive operations in the 60/70’s in the golden triangle. That money has been siphoned off by so many ‘Peanut’ family members and the blues so it is almost impossible to trace. Funny thing is, most of Mr. Peanut’s clan ended up in the US anyways. As fate would have it, a large percentage of those people have died a slow and terrible death(life comes full circle to those who abuse) anyways so those proceeds have been funneled back into the US GDP…Whose to argue if they eventually get their money back?