Cult Classics

I am a secret cult classic film fan. I have seen most of John Waters’ movies (including Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble), spent many Saturday nights at the Rocky Horror Picture Show in high school, and can quote lines from Tarentino movies. I know I’m not the only one out there…

Which cult classics do you like?

Beyond the Valley of Dolls. Seen it a million times and could see it another million.

I showed Desparate Living to some friends here once, and some of them were so sickened by it that they vowed to never watch movies with me again.

You need to define your terms. What is a cult classic?

My guess is that it is not popular to anyone but a very dedicated minority. I like Pee Wee Herman movies and his HBO special. Cabin Boy is good if you see it more than five times.

I’ve seen “Bring it On” more times than I’m willing to admit. I have it on video and VCD. I can quote lines. But a cult classic? Hmmmm…

I could probably quote lines from “Heathers” and “Goonies” too. Also embarrassing, and slightly closer to cult classic.

What about “Say Anything?” That’s about as far back as I can go and it’s got to be a bonafide cult classic. At least it was in St. Louis circa 1990.

“I spit in your general direction!”

“As you wish…”
“Have fun storming the castle?”
“Do you think it’ll work?”
“It would take a miracle.”
“And wuv, twue wuv…”

“There’s a bunch of birds in the skyyyyy, and some deers just went running byyyy…”

And of course Rocky Horror as well :slight_smile:

Oh, and I loved Bring it On, scooter, though not to the extent of seeing it more than a couple of times - “I’m cool, I’m hot, I’m everything you’re not.”

I’m feeling more pathetic with each quote - but in a good way :slight_smile:

“Say Anything” Yes, yes, yes. John Cusack aka Lloyd Dobbler covers a puddle using his coat for the, at first, prissy Iona Skye. So cliched, it’s cool.

True Romance

Breaking Away

Breaking the Waves.

Not really a cult film, but about the only one this doesn’t-watch-a-movie-twice bloke watches often, is Still Crazy. Steven Rea, Jimmy Nail, Timothy Spall, Bill Nighy, Billy Connolly and a cool cameo from Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I writer and director). Think Spinal Tap for thinking people. Anyone who remembers and enjoyed “Auf Weidersen, Pet” will love this film.

Does “Harold and Maude” qualify as a cult classic? Loved it - funny, quirky, simply odd!

1.) Wizards (best seen with your friend, Mr. Shroom)

2.) A Boy and His Dog.

3.) Night of the Living Dead.

4.) The Omega Man.

5.) Willy Wonka and His Chocolate Factory.

6.) Fritz the Cat

7.) Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy

8.) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

9.) Easy Rider

10.) Alien

Reanimator - best portrayal of a mad scientist ever.

Starship Troopers - in the future there are co-ed showers

Brain Dead / Dead Alive: zombie baby meets death in a blender. great early Peter Jackson

Heavenly Creatures – is another great flick by Jackson that maybe isn’t quite “cult” but deserves mention.

From Beyond - based on a book by HP Lovecraft. Been too long since I’ve seen this movie, so can’t remember much besides it rocks.

Young Poisoner’s Handbook – also maybe not “cult” but deserves to be. Kid slowly learns the art of poisoning by experimentaing on his mother who slowly starts to rot. The scene where she discovers the pages of her son’s “progress chart” is spoooo-ky.

Tetsuo I and II and especially…
Tokyo Fist by Shinya Tsukamoto - Bizzaro Japan fetishist-Masochist-Sadist love triangle that is waaay cool, brutal and bloody.

Cemetery Man - Great visual blask comedy with Rupert Everett

Evil Dead I and II - Sam Raimi. hell anything with Bruce Cambell is good. He was even in one of those disney movies with Herby the Lovebug and made it enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing Bubba Ho-tep, soon to be cult classic.

The Stepfather I, II and yes even III. Mister always-seeking-the-suburban-dream marries into a family and then murders them when they turn out less than perfect.

The Dentist - Damn that’s a funny movie. Graphic depictions of a dentist gone mad.

Day of the beast – Satan is a facist preying on homeless immigrants. Priest befriends heavy metal LSD drug dealer in an attempt to get closer to the devil so he can kill him. But first they must find the blood of a virgin in Madrid-- the horror!

Hole binch of Italian and Spanish Horror movies that I can’t recall but ftattini could tell you all about… I trust that anything he/she would like I would too. see the thread on European/American B-movies

Tarantino? I think Resevoir Dogs is a great movie and the only one worthy of cult status, but apparently even that is all a straight rip-off from a Japanese movie.

Bring it On-- Yea it is a guilty pleasure.

Bottle Rocket - Owen Wilson is the man!

The Crush – With Mark Whalberg and Alicia Silverstone - A father’s worst nightmare: Daughter’s boyfriend turns out to be an older, drop-out, and volatile Marky Mark. Again, the horror!!!

Night of the living dead/ Dawn of the Dead/ Return – as mentioned before. Like all of the living dead series, I even liked the remake.

28 days later - a recent one but damn I thought it was great… owes everything to the living dead series/ Invasion of the boddy snatchers, etc. of course but damn there are some great scenes in that. With a godspeed you Black Emperor song featured in the movie, and also inspiring basically the rest of the soundtrack, it reeks of cult.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – yea great stuff.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch was great as well with real catchy Rocky Horror-esque music. I love the Gooommi bear sequence.

Withnail and I – I guess could be considered a cult classic.

Wizards – yes is great. Even liked his LOTR for the same purpose.

and finally…

The Sweet Hereafter - (Atom Egoyan) again, maybe not cult, but one of my all time favorites that achieves cult status for me just because everytime I watch it I appreciate it more. Perfect movie, and just happens to have Sarah Polley in it … yummmm.

probablly tons I’m forgetting but that’s a good start.

-Plan 9 from outer space
-The beyond (Lucio Fulci)
-Caliber 9 (Fernando di leo)
-The French Connection
-Vampyros Lesbos
-The Great Silence
-The Good, The bad, The Ugly
-The Blues Brothers
-All the mexican movies from '60s with masked fighters (Argos)

-The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky)
-El Topo (Jodorowsky)

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

It’s old now, but the scene where Clousseau gets the gloved mace stuck on his hand and then interrogates the household staff is a classic. (“That, sir, was a priceless Steinway!” “Not any moore…”)

I forgot about Spaceballs…

I’m a mog…half man, half dog. I’m my own best friend.

Oh YES! Clousseau!!! Pink Panther!!! Now THAT’s a cult classic:

Clousseau: Does your dog bite?
Man: No.

(dog bites Clousseau)

C: I sot you said your dog does not bite.
M: Zat is not my dog.


(at a hotel)
C: Do you have a rheeeeum?
Deaf Man at Front Desk (with ear horn): A what?
C: A rheeeeeum?
DM: A what?

(clousseau looks up “room” in English-German Dictionary)

C: Ein Zimmer!
DM: Oh! A rheeeeeeum.

When the good Inspector electrocutes himself and then reappears from behind the couch with a lit light bulb in his hand…old gag, but still cracks me up…

Haven’t read far enough back in the thread, but what about The Party?..

“Birdee num num…birdie num num…”

Sellers was the true master…a comic genius…and quite the ladie’s man if rumours are true.

An earlier classic, The Mouse That Roared and of course, Dr. Strangelove…

guess I know what I am doing this weekend…

How about “Pink Floyd’s The Wall” or “Canadian Bacon”