Cultural learnings from Israel for to make benefit greater glory of Taiwanese military


Everybody in Taiwan hates military service, and want it abolished.

Contrast this with the military culture in Israel. I’m reading Startup Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle , currently in a chapter 4.

And just as students elsewhere are thinking about what they need to get into the best schools, many Israelis are positioning themselves to be recruited by the IDF’s elite units…the pressure to get into those units really intensifies when Israelis are seventeen years old. Every year, the buzz builds among high school junior and senior classes all across Israel. Who has been asked to try out for the pilot’s course? Who for the different sayarot, the commando units of the navy, the paratroopers, the infantry brigades, and most selective of all, the Sayaret Matkal, the chief of staff’s commando unit?..And who will be considered for Talpiot, a unit that combines technological training with exposure to all the top commando units’ operations?


Because they actually train their conscripts to be soldiers. Taiwan either needs to get rid of conscription or actually take it seriously.

Our uniforms also suck ass as a conscript. Ugly and it’s used from conscript to conscript. Most have holes and stuff in them. They didn’t have anything that fit me in the entire base.


Why does no one care? It’s like they’re asking to get blown up by China.


The issue that I saw was, lack of disciplinary actions that are allowed by officers and sergeants to train in the military here. They are so fearful of some someone dying or committing suicide they aren’t allowed to do any real disciplinary actions. If they do, they have to write a report justifying it. So it’s all bark and no bite and people eventually wise up. They wont make you run until you puke your guts out or do push ups until you can’t feel your arms. Nope, they make you stand for a while which is like the harshest they go if they even bother.

It’s a shame, a lot of the younger guys I saw really needed some discipline and toughen up. They’ve never had to overcome anything hard mentally and physically.


They should send them to Malaysia for a few years!