Cummerbunds & Bow Ties

Anyone know where I can see a selection of cummerbunds and bow ties? I’m having a tux made for my August wedding banquet, (and of course, the dratted photos that have to be taken months in advance), but I thought my tailor’s black bow-tie and cummerbund looked a little, well, boring. I’d like to know if I have any other choices…

Maybe something like this, but with a Canadian flag or something like that. Like the one below, it’s gotta be in denim, though… :wink:

I’ve never seen any in Taiwan myself, but I’d imagine that those tacky wedding-photo places would have them, probably though of the same boring kind your tailor offered. Can’t you ask him to make one for you according to your specs? Alternatively, I’ve still got an old leather body-building belt I could give you, that’s about the same width …

Oh, and when you put the cummerbund on, take care that your arms are outside of it … :wink: Xpet.

Mao, there is a place on Min Chuan E. Road near LinLi Photo studio which is on Chung-Shan N. Road. LinLi’s address is #155 Chung-Shan N. Road Sec. 2. The store I am talking about is on the left side of the street going east between Chung-Shan N. Rd. and Lin Sen N. Rd. I’m sorry I canot remember the name or the address of this place as it’s been several years. This is a professional Tux store they have bow ties and cummerbunds to rent, not sure if you can buy them there or not though. They may even be able to make you something.

Looks like something I have to wear whenever I go out, except my sleeves are strapped to the back instead of the side, my arms kept coming loose that way.

Why would you ever need to wear something so formal here? I went to a wedding in Chia Yi and besides the groom I was the most dressed up guy there.

Some wedding banquets are more formal than others. In southern Taiwan it is more common to have a more informal affair, but in Taipei, depending on the location, it is not uncommon to see all the guests in suits.