Cupcakes with home delivery?

Anyone know where I can get some decent cupcakes that offers home delivery? I want to order a few boxes for my twins upcoming one month birthday :slight_smile:

Might wanna contact these folks to see if they’re still around: Professional handmade cupcakes for free

In the end I went with Roz at The Cupcake Shop! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into them, they look incredible!

Ah, too late, you’ve already chosen. My friend’s niece and her pals do these:

They bake and paint designs onto cookies, birthday cakes, cupcakes, or whatever. They’ve been going for a couple of years now.

They’re also the nicest bunch of young 'uns you could ever hope to meet.

Looking for recommendations for Cupcakes in Taipei. I want to order 24 cupcakes for my kids birthday in class this Friday.

Can anyone suggest good places to try in addition to what has been posted above?