Currency confusion!

I am confused with the US to NT exchange rate. I heard somewhere that the rate posted on the newspaper is not the rate they use and the actual rate used when buying something overseas with a credit card (like ordering a warmoth neck) is somewhat higher. So where exactly do I find out the exchange rate for credit card use?? Is the rate accurate in that regard?

That’s generally down to the bank and the credit card company, it works like that no matter where in the world you’re based, it’s not a specific Taiwanese thing. If you take a US credit card to Europe you’ll have a different exchange rate every day as the € changes to the $
Hope this helps

In addition to that, you may get charged an additional 1% or so by your credit card for making an overseas purchase. I have a HSBC card from then US, and that’s what they charge. I have heard that this is quite normal. Makes a big difference if you are making a big purchase, as I found out when I just paid my tuition! :astonished:

This is a listing of cards and the percentage they charge on overseas purchases: … e#The_List

The exchange rates applied depend on the bank you are using. Exchange rates including a typical credit card rate you can find here