Currency exchange limit in Airport

Hey guys, is there a limit on the amount of euro i can exchange to ntw in the airport? I want to exchange about €2500 euro to NTD

not sure if this is better suited here or in the money category. I’m planning an extended stay in Taiwan I’ll be arriving on the 20th and wont be able to exchange currency in my home country they said it could take a money.

Any experience with exchanging large amounts of currency welcomed :slight_smile:

EUR 2500 is absolutely no problem

Perfect thank you for easing my worries! :slight_smile:

A bit of a long shot, but what would be their attitude towards the 500 euro bill? Even many countries in the EU consider it “banned”, when it simply is not being printed anymore, with no plans to invalidate it however.

It’s no problem, just make sure you only bring bills with odd serial numbers

As in last digit 1,3,5,7,9 ? Or as in 133713371337 :slight_smile:

No odd digits in the serial number.

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I declare myself mystified, perhaps we are not all professional mathematicians here :slight_smile: